Friday, February 26, 2010

Step Four (almost there!)

"Here Be Dragons" work in progress
15x20 watercolor

     Almost there! And good thing too because this needs to be finished by Monday. I'm not finished with his shirt, or hands, or the book, or the background. . . Yeesh maybe I have more to do than I thought. I always do this, think I'll zip right through a painting and then realize how long it really takes. I'm not going to post until Monday, I hope to get some done tomorrow, and I don't paint on Sundays. I might have to get up extra early on Monday morning. But I think it's coming along. I'm pretty happy with how I have not (as of yet) over worked the paint. I'm still trying to decide if I want to go back into the face, I'm afraid I might royally mess it up if I do and then I will be TICKED!
     It's been fun posting here every day, it's given me an extra incentive to paint more each night. Which is good. I find I really need a deadline to get the most work done. I'm bad at procrastinating :) And just for fun since it's Friday here is a picture of my doggies, beautiful no? Such a regal looking dog, the Giant Schnauzer. Happy weekend!




  1. Glad I found your blog. I also paint portraits and see alot of talent in your work, and you are still dealing with little ones!

  2. The painting is really coming along. You accomplish so much each day! It's wonderful to watch it evolve almost before my eyes. Thanks, Crystal. (Love the doggies. :)

  3. Thanks Susan! Glad you are here:) I'd love to see your portraits.

    Roxy, as always your comment has made me happy, thanks so much for your kind words!

  4. Wow! Crystal. Wonderful watercolors. Not just portraits to be portraits but full of life and personality.
    Great job.

  5. Gary thanks! :D Welcome! I'm following your blog now and your paintings are fantastic! Glad you stopped by!


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