Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Sketchbook Tuesday #2

One year old
charcoal sketch

      I had a lot of fun working on this sketch. I keep trying to do a sketch that reads as 'my' work in the shortest amount of time possible. Which is kind of tricky. I hurried and did this one this morning because I was working on a new drawing (that I think should interest Christine, Jen and Summer) that I'm pretty excited about, but didn't finish it in time to post. Next week for sure :)

     I loved my son's expression in this drawing. There's so much wonder there, like he's seeing things for the first time, which he probably was. I wish I could remember what he was looking at :) And, I'm kind of tired of charcoal for now, I think I'm moving on to graphite for my sketches next time. Ah, the joys of being an artist and the freedom to change your mind over and over again. 

     And a quick question before I go, when you guys are doing more 'finished' drawings what's your favorite surface to work on? I don't think I've found one that I love yet, other than Rising Stonehenge, which unfortunately is difficult to find. Grrrrr. These sketches are done on newsprint, which I don't really love either. I'm kinda picky :)


  1. Excellent lighting in this sketch. Very good.

  2. Beautiful!

    And I hope I know what the new drawing is of!!! *cough*Marek*cough*

  3. What a lovely drawing! It would take me ages to do this! I haven't found a favourite surface yet. I'm still experimenting :0)

  4. His expression looks wonderful! Great job capturing it! I can't believe you did this just this morning, you're amazing.

  5. You are so talented, Crystal. You do capture the youth well. All my children come out looking 5 or more yrs. older than they actually are. You have it perfectly.

  6. Beautiful! I love his expression also. They grow up so fast and you've captured his youthful, innocence perfectly!

  7. This sketch can tell story:)
    You go girl, Crystal...!!!!

  8. Too good.. The look on his face is just awesome..The light on his face is great too...

    About your last post - After falling ill I have not painted till now and though I am okay now I am lacking the 'motivation'. I think I am going to do other things that I have not done for a long time to get back..Probably catch a movie or something..

  9. Beautiful sketch. All your work does read as "yours". So please don't worry. I am trying to go back to a way of painting where you are not really bothered about the final outcome. If the painting comes good, its a bonus, if not, its just another try. I guess thats the only way to ensure that new things keep coming out of your art. And in doing this, unfortunately, I cannot always use the same surface for all my works. I still prefer to use rough paper for watercolours and a smoother one for sketches in pencil and charcoal.
    I also wanted to ask you about the way you photograph your paintings. Could you please discuss a few things about the way you do that? It would be most helpful.
    Thanks and regards.


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