Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sketchbook Tuesdays #1

Leopard sketch, charcoal

      This little sketch (actually it's kind of bigger, about 12" x 17" I think) has been haunting me for the past two weeks. I would work on it for about five minutes at a time and then put it aside. It didn't seem to flow, I felt like I was forcing it. Usually that means I have something wrong, like my brain is trying to tell me "STOP! Go back and make it right!"
      It's not as accurate as I would like, but still effective at creating a feeling I think. This is one sketch I'm going to paint one day, the light and his eyes are just too beautiful not to. :) I'm not sure that it's coming across as well as I would like in this sketch, but this leopard has beautiful rim-type lighting. It kind of gives him a halo effect.
      I've been using pressed charcoal for my sketches lately, the kind that looks like a pastel stick. It helps me to make more expressive marks, to not be 'fussy' like a pencil might encourage me to do. And that is truly a lot of fun.

      How much fun have you been having lately? Art related or otherwise?


  1. And she draws!!! Wow you are amazing.

  2. Hi Crystal,
    Your leopard sketch is awesome. Can't wait to see what you do with watercolor. I am having alot of fun on my vacation. We went swimming in the lake and I've been painting every day. The boys climbed Hawk Mtn. with their Mom. Tomorrow we are going bowling and Thursday going on a real old-fashioned river boat called the Songo River Queen for a 2.5 hr. ride on the Songo River and through locks like the Panama Canal. Can't wait! Awaiting the arrival of my new digital camera and started another blog; this one for my photography called Photo Graphics by Carol Blackburn. Got to run.......have a wonderful evening.

  3. Awesome, as always.

    I've always enjoyed doing charcoal--it does take away some of the fussiness, you're right. For our final in one of my drawing classes, we had to draw with charcoal on paper that was about 6x6' with the charcoal taped to the end of a dowel....yeah...

  4. I love looking at your work. You have such a talent!

  5. Great to know that you completed your marathon.. 13 miles in difficult terrain is no joke.
    That big cat looks nice.. Hope you'll paint this..

  6. Lovely sketch Crystal. I am eager to see the painting as soon as it is ready.
    And congratulations on completing your first half marathon. I dont know hoow much I will have to train to run like that. Bravo.

  7. What a beautiful sketch. The eyes are so alive - I would love to see your painting of this Leopard!
    I love using charcoal, but I tend to use the Willow variety. I love how messy I get! I am doing a really colourful and sort of abstractish still life at the moment - Something very different for me. It's fun! Snatching a few minutes here and there until it's finished :o)

  8. O-H-M-Y-G-O-S-H!!! These are brilliant!!! I love them, how gorgeous!!!

  9. Thanks so much Kristin!

    Hi Carol! Sounds like you are having a blast on your vacation!! That's so great :) And I'm going to go check out your photography blog, so cool. And, thank you for the nice compliment!

  10. Hi Summer! I'm so glad you came by here :) And thank you very much! taped to a dowel?? Really? Bet that was tricky, what was it that you drew? Would have loved to see it :)

    Thanks very much Lisa :)

    Hey Prabal, thank you! No joke, you got that right :)

    Thank you so much Vinayak, that is very kind of you :)

    Thanks Sandra! I've been tempted to use the willow kind, but I'm afraid I'll smash it all up, it looks so delicate. I'll have to try it, but I do NOT like the mess. It bugs me, I should probably get over that huh? Your still life sounds awesome, can't wait to see it all finished! :)

    Thank you very much my good friend Jen!! :)


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