Thursday, July 15, 2010

Finding Inspiration

     I have had a lot of fun thinking about what I should post today. I've taken time to really look around me, to be aware of beauty in unexpected places, and it's been feeding my soul :) I don't know that I've ever actively set out looking for inspiration, I've always just waited for it to hit me. If you haven't done that either I suggest you try it, it's so fun.

      There is one artist who is really inspiring me lately; Kim Kincaid. I just recently discovered Kim and her portraits are simply stunning. She does an amazing job at conveying emotion with her work, one painting in particular of hers caught my eye, I've been thinking about it all week. It's called Alma's Awakening. I love the expression she's captured here, and the simplicity of the composition. I also really love the story behind this painting, which is a spiritual one. It really resonates with me. You want to go see this painting, trust me :)

      Earlier this week, when I was looking for something to paint I found this picture that I had kind of forgotten about.

     It's my son when he was about a month old. I didn't have much time to paint then since I was running on about 3 hours of sleep a day and had two other kids who needed my attention, so I took lots and lots of pictures of my new baby with the hope of painting some of them one day. I really, really love the light in this one, and that sweet gesture he has with his hand that tells me he's a newborn :)

     And check out this cool photo I took at my mom's a few weeks ago.

      Don't you just love that little curly part on the stem? And the light shining through the leaves? It looks kind of magical doesn't it? Just think of the possibilities here. Wouldn't it be cool to do some type of fantasy art with this? I think so.

      And last of all, here is my favorite color combination right now. It is gorgeous! But then, you know what a sucker I am for anything pink. :) Even though the colors are so saturated here, you could use this primary triad for a portrait. Think of all the lovely soft pinks, and yellows you could have. The colors are opera rose, new gamboge and cobalt blue.

     That's what's inspiring me this week. How about you guys?


  1. Your post has inspired me that's what. I just posted and mused about the fear and pain of painting. I'm going to approach my next session with your bright, positive outlook. I loved what you wrote, your baby is incredible and thank you for the link to Kim's incredible work. Paint on!

    p.s. cannot wait to see that flower with the curly stem painted, it's perfect.

  2. Kim's artwork is excellent. I can see why it is inspiring you. The photos you posted are nice and would make great subjects for a painting.

    What's inspiring me this week is glass - beautifully lit and colorful, and statues of various gods. I bought some new paints which seem like they will be perfect for painting stone; that's inspiring me, too.

  3. Beautiful baby boy, beautiful flower, what's not to be inspired by!!! I love your pictures Crystal and I know you'll turn them into beautiful paintings.

    Right now I don't have much inspiring me. I'm hoping I get a kick in the butt with my revisions, lately I've hit a road block. Give me some luck :)

  4. I love your new format, very interesting, great stories and art. Congratulations on your first marathon :)

  5. Hi Crystal,
    For this time, each corner of Thai hosuse inspires me to paint...

    Anyway, I really like your presentations in each time of posting; fun to read and intersting...I'm sorry that lately I didn't visit your blog often as before...I use computer lesser than ever because its light is bad to my eyes.
    Today, I posted new one on my blog and this is another unforggettable blog where I have to come by...
    Goodluck Crystal,

  6. Love your positive outlook Crystal. Best way to go through and approach life. That is exactly what God iintended for us.
    Your triad is beautiful. great fresh color combos. Love how you are working animals into your art. The horse is going to be something. And your children continue to inspire.

  7. Ahhhh... What a beautiful, bouncy baby! Adorable! He reminds me of my little Charlie about twelve years ago! It goes too quickly doesn't it?
    I love the little curly bit on the rose too - How cute! And the colours you have swirled together are similar to my current favourites - Permanent Rose, Araolin Yellow and Cobalt Blue - Such as beautiful combination.
    What has inspired me over the last couple of days is the many lovely comments I have been receiving on my blog! They are so encouraging! They help my confidence so much! And your comment was particularly touching and I thank you so very much for that, you are such a very kind person. :o)))

  8. Thank you so much for your post, Crystal. The lighting on both the rose and the wee little one are both inspirational. And yes, that lyrical curl on the stem needs to be painted.
    Opera Rose does such interesting things to other colors. It is often just the punch one needs in a painting.


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