Monday, July 12, 2010

Motivational Monday, Never Give Up

I ran my first half marathon on Saturday. That's 13 miles! And most of it was uphill! Oh, it was a good challenge.

There I am on the left side, almost finished!! Special thanks to Neon Trees for seeing me through to the end! ;)

I think I should get extra points for sharing this picture because not only am I without makeup and my hair is yucky, I'm also covered in sweat. Blegh. But there's a hot guy standing right next to me, which I think should make up for that. Hands off ladies, he's mine :) 

      I love to run. I'm not fast. Like not fast at all. I average about 10 minute miles, sometimes if I'm running a shorter distance (anything 6 miles or less) I can hit 8 or 9 minute miles. But what I do have is a lot of endurance. It's pretty rare for me to feel like I have to stop and walk during a run, or to feel like I just can't run another step. That's not to say that it's easy, it's still challenging. Sometimes when it's a really hard run, with lots of speed work or hills I really want to stop, my legs are begging me to stop, but I never do.

      Why? Because to me that's a kind of failure. It means I quit. That I wasn't strong enough. That I couldn't stand up to the challenge. Am I reading too much into this? Maybe, but it works for me. When I finish a run that's really hard (like on Saturday) I believe in myself a little more. I know that I can do things that seem out of reach. I know that I can accomplish my goals or dreams if I just don't quit. Even when it's hard.

      Being an artist isn't easy. You work hard, you pour your heart and soul into what you create, you try things that don't work out. But you never quit. You keep trying. You might take breaks to recharge, or go in a different direction but you. never. quit.

      On Saturday I saw a lot of runners stop to walk. And where did they stop to walk? At hills, when it was the hardest. (Now I know that some of them probably had legitimate reasons for walking, I'm not condeming them at all or trying to act superior. This is just my own belief for myself and how I connect it with being an artist.) But that's the time when you MUST keep going. When things are the hardest. That's when you find out what you're really made of, that's when you know how bad you really want to succeed. That's when you know that you have it in you to get where you want to be, because no matter how long it takes you to get there, or how far away it seems right now, you can do it. As long as you just don't quit.

      I believe in you. 

      So tell me fellow bloggers, what motivates you to keep going when the easy thing to do would be to just quit? 



  1. Oh I LOVE this post!!! It is my favorite one of all. You are so awesome as you already know. I am so proud of you for never giving up. You are a much stronger person than you think you are. I, unfortunately, am one of those individuals who stop at hills. After reading this post, I am no longer going to stop, ever, unless of course I die trying :) I love the pictures of you, that was awesome to see. I wish I could have been there. Next time, love ya sis:)

  2. Congratulations on the half marathon. Sounds like quite a challenge - especially uphill! I love the way you describe why you keep going. It's perfect. As you know from my bothering you for tips on painting skin, when the going gets tough, I look for solutions and keep trying. To me, giving up on something feels much worse than trying over and over and failing many times. Once you finally get it right, that feeling is so great it's worth all the failed attempts.

  3. Crystal, I loved this post! And I love the photo's too - And you don't look at all 'blegh'! You look fabulous! It's nice to see some photographs from time to time. It gives us more of a sense of who you are. Certainly energetic, that's for sure! Well done on such a super achievement!
    What motivates me...? Well, if somebody tells me I can't do something, I will rise to the challenge! It makes me want to prove them wrong! About six years ago, my Brother in Law asked if I wanted to cycle with him from John o'Groats to Lands End for charity(My Sister was pregnant at the time). It involved cycling aproximately 120 miles a day for seven days. I only had a few weeks to train and somebody else told me I would never be able to do it, because most people who do, do it allow ten days and that for me, who hadn't been on a bike since I was thirteen, it would be impossible. That was all I needed! I was determined that I would prove them wrong - and I did - through sheer stubbornness! The pain was immense, but I did it none the less. We raised £1,600 for the Rocking Horse appeal(childrens hospital). There wasn't quite enough money for what they needed, so Richard Branson put up the rest (My Brother in Law works for Virgin). So now, in the special care baby unit at Royal Alexander Childrens Hospital in Brighton, there is a piece of equiptment with a little metal plate on it with our names on. It feels nice!
    Two years ago I climbed Ben Nevis to the summit and back in six hours - not quite such a challenge, but still a long, hard slog and it would have been very easy to give up. I kept remembering the feeling of acheivement that I would get when I had finished and that's what kept me going - knowing that I would regret it if I stopped.
    Art is my own personal challenge. I tell myself every day 'I can't do it' and I really believe that. I have to change that to 'I will do it' instead. I hope one day I will be able to get where I want to be with my painting - It will be harder and take longer than any thing I have ever done but I know the feeling of acheivement will be well worth it - I just have to hope I will get there if I keep on going.
    So, that's what motivates me - fear of failure and longing to achieve. Sorry I waffled - again!!!

  4. Horray for you! I've been wondering how it went. Congrats.

    What motivates me? I'm not sure I can put my finger on it. I just know that I don't like the idea of being disappointed in myself. If I try really hard and don't do as well as I had hoped, but still my best, I feel good about that too. :)

  5. Congratulations on completing the half marathon, Crystal. Oh, I am sooooo jealous. I can't run anymore. You look great, like an all-American gal. Hang onto that man, the good ones are hard to find.

  6. Oh Crystal,
    How inspiring! Good on you : ) I'd say you look great - especially after a marathon! Great post.

  7. well done crystal ! good for you ..hope you feel inspired soon .

  8. Everyone, thank you so so much. I love reading every single one of your comments :):):)


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