Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Work In Progress Wednesday

Unfailing, colored pencil

untitled, watercolor

      Yesterday I picked up my watercolor brushes for the first time in two weeks. The minute I touched my brush to my palette I had this feeling of comfort and familiarity. It was strange, but nice too. I don't think I realize how much a part of me painting really is. It's such an unconscious thing for me now, half the time I don't even realize how or what I'm doing until I'm done. I get lost in the flow (well, when things are going right:) of creating something. Which is very cool.

      I was looking for something to paint last night and I found these two pieces that I started a long time ago (long as in a year or two ago, I forget). I have a drawing ready on my watercolor paper but I hadn't stretched it yet, so I wouldn't be able to paint that until it dried, which wasn't until this morning. Sometimes I'm not so good at planning ahead :)

      I don't know why sometimes I stop and start on a painting and then other times I see it right through to the end. It's something that I wonder about a lot. Why is it sometimes so hard to feel inspired? We're creative people, we have skills and talent, and we know we can do it because we've done it before, maybe it was even easy. But sometimes the muse goes on vacation and we're left to our own devices, which is usually not all that inspiring. But that will be a post for tomorrow, I'll be quiet now.

      I haven't touched my colored pencils (other than for sketching) in a long time either, but looking at this horse I think I might pick them up again. Maybe that's what I'll work on today, maybe that's just the thing I need to feel inspired again, something different. Don't you think? I'll let you know how it goes :)


  1. Crystal, you are an inspiration. Love the Inspirational Mondays - the Sketchbook Tuesdays and now today, Work In Progress Wednesday. Looking forward to seeing the tiger painted and the finish of your boy and the horse.

  2. I agree with Ann. Something to look at every day! Lovely! I'm not sure I could have the same self discipline. :0)

  3. These look great already. Have you tried using watercolor blocks? It's a great thing to have around when you want to start a painting right away without having to stretch the paper first. I prefer painting on 300 lb stretched paper, but the blocks are nice, too.

  4. Looking good, and you started 2 at the same time. I believe you are plowing through your slump. I love that you are posting everyday, you are an inspiration!

  5. Love the expression on the little boys face and I can't wait to see more from the horse!

  6. I love the painting of the little boy Crystal, finish that one first :)

    I've done the same myself, lost the flow of a painting, in fact I have several half finished works. Unlike you though, I seem to lose the will to go on and the work is likely to remain unfinished - permanently!

  7. .. colour pencil work looks beautiful crystal ... kim's pencil and coloured pencil potraits are very inspiring ..look foward to seeing you son .. it's a super ref photo

  8. Like your blog entry in themes :) And the paintings have great beginnings!


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