Thursday, August 2, 2012

Diaphanous - sold

'Diaphanous' sold
5" x 5" watercolor on paper

This is a rose from my mom's garden. She has tons of roses. Like TONS. Of all kinds of varieties. This one is one of her favorites. Or at least, she says that it is. But I suspect for her it's a little like trying to say which child is her favorite. :)

Roses will always remind me of my mom. She's the best. I hope I'm a little bit like the mother she's always been to me.

This was this week's DPW challenge, to paint a rose. And honestly I wasn't planning on painting a rose, but last night felt this restlessness when I sat down to paint. I've been working on a colored pencil drawing that is really coming along well, but did not feel like doing that.

So a rose it was. Anyone else ever get that restless feeling when they sit down to paint? It's like I'm being drawn to paint something but I have no idea what it is, just that it's not whatever is currently in front of me. Weird right? *sigh*

Huzzah. . .


  1. Love love love this..Along with everything that is so good what I love is how you have left a few soft edges around the flower here and there.. Masterly..
    And that restless feeling.. Do you really want to talk about it!! :)

  2. Absolutely beautiful, Crystal!!! You probably already know this, but Diaphanous is the Greek word for transparent.
    Warm regards.

  3. Beautiful painting. I love the vividness of the colors and the sense of luminosity!

  4. Beautifully painted, Crystal! Love the colors you used...and that "perfect" light!!

  5. Another beauty, and perfectly titled!

    The "restless" thing you speak of? It happens to me All. The. Time. It drives me a bit nuts, especially given my drive to paint every day. Having a short attention span doesn't always help, either...;).

  6. I saw this lovely painting earlier on today. You really do know how to fill that little space and make it appear big. Beautiful.
    Restlessness is weird at all. I always thought my mind was percolating on whatever it was that I didn't want to do. It was nice you had the challenge to fill it the void.

  7. It is absolutely exquisite! And that deep, rich background makes the light sing out from those translucent petals - I just LOVE this! It is completely gorgeous!
    And yes, I often get the same feeling - especially when I've been working on the same subject for a while :0)

  8. You did a wonderful job, it's really quite lovely. I love you used the dark background.

  9. Crystal, that is a beauty of a rose - the colors are so sumptuous! I must admit, I get that restless feeling, too. :) That's probably part of the reason I have to work on several paintings at once.

  10. Everything seems so perfect about this one. I agree with Prabal, you have achieved perfect edge control.

  11. Love the color of this rose!! You've done a lovely job!! So sweet that you have a flower that you associate your Mom with:)

  12. I'm trying to find more adjectives to describe your work. Just fantastic and gorgeous!

  13. Hello Crystal:) You always know how to give something a special touch! I also love that dark blue background. Perfekt!

  14. I feel the feeling you described almost daily ;-P, which is why I am always switching projects... The most recent compulsion is to paint some portraits, although I have not a clue how to start... I am currently doing some projects in Peggi Habet's book, and after that I may copy some of your paintings for exercise too -- master copy always helps ;-) I will not share my meager efforts though, because they will not come even remotely close to what the beautiful originals look like... (Really, how do you do those soulful eyes? How?!...)

    I really love how the light filters through the petals in this one, and the varied warm and cool in the reds. You have a way with layering that does not make it look tired somehow. I really want to sit beside you and see you paint some day...


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