Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Dark Horse E is for Eye SOLD

'Dark Horse'  SOLD
5 x 7 inches, watercolor on paper 

E is for eye. Yes I know, not all that creative. But I love horse's eyes. I always get lost staring into their eyes whenever I'm around them. There is so much soul there. So much. More than many humans I dare say. ;) And better personalities a lot of the time too. For example:   

Straining to get right up in my face, this is Zannie, my old, sweet, little pony mare that is at my parents house. We live in the suburbs, with no land for a pony. :(  I went for a visit on Father's Day and she would not stay far enough away for me to get a good shot of her. But that's okay, I'll take sweet pony kisses over good photos any day.


  1. Bonjour chère amie,

    J'ai envie de faire un gros bisou sur le bout du nez de ce poney !... Il fait les yeux doux !
    Vous avez majestueusement bien capturer le regard avec cet oeil de cheval dans votre oeuvre.
    Comme vous le dites si bien, les yeux des chevaux sont profonds et francs et ont une âme.

    gros bisous

  2. The painting is beautiful! But aren't they always?? That eye looks so glassy... It's as though there is life in there. It's amazing :0)
    And that photo is so funny! Maybe you could paint a pony pic from a comical perspective like this :0)

  3. I love the cropped version of any painting..this
    one is SO good, Crystal. E is definitely for eye!!!

  4. Dramatic and boldly stunning Crystal!! Just so powerful! I'm lovin' your alphabet series my friend! great concept! so looking forward to more!

  5. The wisdom of the ages can be seen in a horses gaze, amazing painting! Love those pony kisses, fun shot!


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