Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Thief - (SOLD) and a photobombing Giant Schnauzer

 'Thief'  - SOLD
5 x 7 oil on masonite
private commission***

This is the first little Yorkshire Terrier I've ever painted and I'm quite certain that he's also one of the cutest dogs on the planet. Seriously. Those little eyes just look straight into your soul! Thief is a champion show dog and this painting was a gift for my client's mother on her birthday. :)  I love being a part of gift's like that.

In other news, this happened:

Maggie Stiefvater is giving away illustrated bookplates if you send her a link to a photo of you holding her book, The Raven Boys. She also said you could send a photo of your pet and the book, if you were, um, as handsome as Quasimodo and didn't want to show your face. ;)

*So at first I took this picture:

But then I thought. Dude. That's boring.

So then I did this:

And this:

And this:

And then FINALLY, this:

So I hope this meets your specifications Maggie. Twas no easy feat to photograph my giant hound (who is sitting on my lap**) whilst holding your book at the same time. :D

*There's a part of me that often thinks that I need to be a "serious artist", and therefore this should be a "serious art blog", but. . . I'm not serious. I'm just. . . me. And that's what art is all about right? Unique individual expression.

**No animals, books, or artists were harmed in the making of this blog post. 

*** Why yes I am accepting commissions for pets or people, thank you for asking. Please Click here if you'd like more information.


  1. Love that cute little puppy painting! Also love you're not so cooperative beast:)) I love her intent stare in the middle picture:)) She just knows she's a lap dog:)

  2. Great post, Guvvnah! The puppy is great ... it would have to be (Clue: Yorkshire is where I live).

    A great painting you have really captured the dog's inside as well as outside :0))

    Keep the humour/humor flowing, Crystal ... laugh and the world laughs with you!

  3. I love your humour, wind up reading things you've said to my hubby because he's wondering what I'm sitting here chuckling about :-) And you are a serious artist, no one would believe otherwise, you just happen to know how to keep us all laughing too, that's a gift!

  4. He is definitely the cutest dog on the planet, Crystal! Wonderful job on this pooch...!!

  5. Bonjour ma chère amie,
    Une publication qui m'a apporté un large sourire !
    Tout d'abord je vous félicite pour ce merveilleux travail avec ce charmant toutou. Sa propriétaire doit en être fière. Votre talent est grand et récompensé avec amour par cet adorable grand toutou désireux d'apparaître sur les photos !!...
    De l'amour que de l'amour !...
    Mon tout nouveau compagnon qui est entré dans ma vie depuis une petite semaine, un bébé dalmatien adore lui aussi être sur les genoux. cependant il va lui aussi être un grand garçon dans quelques mois !...
    Je vous fais de gros bisous et une caresse à votre ami à quatre pattes.

  6. Oh my - your dog is HUGE!!!!! But also very cute! The Terrier on the other hand has some serious attitude, lol! Wow, you always manage to paint such glossy looking coats!
    I know what you mean about the serious artist thing. I thought of blogging more serious posts but like you, it doesn't feel true to myself. I think - be yourself! :0)

  7. Thief is adorable! He truly has a face made to steal hearts.
    And I think you deserve the book plates, if only for posing with your pony-sized Schnauzer!!! :)

  8. I love it : ) I had 3 yorkies over the years. One of them was one of the best dogs ever. You painted this one brilliantly. What an expression on the pooch - it cracks me up! Never worry about needing to keep your text "serious" - your seriousness as an artist is evident in your work. Have you ever seen "Best in Show"? If not, you must rent it ASAP!


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