Saturday, June 8, 2013

Studio Sale - Arabian Horse Painting SOLD

'Opportunity' SOLD
9.5 x 14 inches
watercolor on paper

I have a few pieces that I painted quite a while ago that I'd really love to go to someone who would love to have them. Right now this painting is sitting in a clear bag in a storage bin, which is sad. She deserves to be loved and petted and named George. ;) 

So if you've been wanting one of my paintings, especially one of my white horse paintings (this is one of the first ones I did using my current method for painting whites, painted early 2010) then click on the link to bid. :) 

Enjoy the rest of the weekend everyone! Huzzah! 


  1. I love the colours you use to create your whites - they are so beautiful! The way you convey such warmth and shine in the horses coat is so clever :0)

  2. Beautifully painted, Crystal!!

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