Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Fast and Furious - C is for Corgi

'Fast and Furious' 
5 x 7 inches watercolor on paper
$65 plus $7 US shipping, or $15 International 

When Brodie and I went on our honeymoon we stayed at a little bed and breakfast. It was in Park City, so of course the surroundings were gorgeous, and this little place was kind of an undiscovered find. Not very many people stayed there. It was very quiet and homey. The owner had a little Welsh Corgi that strolled around the B & B greeting the guests and hoping to snag somebody's unprotected bacon. Ever since then I have LOVED these little dogs. 

So naturally. C is for Corgi today. :) 

I also wanted to paint a corgi today because of some fun little lore I just found out about them. Some folk legends say that Corgi's where once very mischievous fairies who were turned into a little dog as a punishment. Other legends say that they were actually the mounts for small fairies. With bridles and saddles and everything. That's what the 'saddle' fur patch on their back is supposedly for. I may comeback to this corgi one day and draw him with a fairy rider on his back. :) Because that would be awesome. 

Reference photo by Blissfully - Blind on deviantART. 

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  1. This is delightful as the Corgi myth is :-)

  2. The painting is beautiful!! That coat looks touchable! And I love the idea of a Fairy riding along on his back too - Yes, you really should paint that one day :0)

  3. Such a sweet post and painting, Crystal! I love this little Corgi!!!

  4. There are a lot of loose edges I can see here which is quiet a novelty in this one.. Gives it kind of movement.. Really well done..

  5. That dog is soooo cute! Awesome job, as usual!!

  6. Fast, furious and fabulous -sounds like you jumped alphabets- or c is for cool:)

  7. BTW, I received your card--THANK YOU! So so sweet!

  8. Oh, I missed this one. What a delight!


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