Wednesday, April 7, 2010

2 New Works In Progress

10 x 14 watercolor

10 x 14 watercolor

      I'm working on these two paintings of my nieces. Beautiful subjects and it has been so fun to paint girls for a change! I do a lot of blonde headed little boys :) Which is so fun too, of course.

      There is still a lot of finishing up to do, the bottom one especially. But I just started that one last night, so I don't feel too bad about that. I'm trying to keep them both fresh and sparkly, so I hope I can pull that off. My inspiration for these is lighting (beautiful!) and expression. And of course the interaction with the dog, love that! Now I need to find more girl models. . . Any takers? Catie *wink*?

      And I thought it would be fun to post a question once a week, in an effort to get to know what motivates other bloggers. So here it is, what inspires you to create (paint, photograph, write, etc.) the most? Is it a person, nature, emotion. What is it?

    What I'm listening to: "A White Demon Love Song" by the Killers, and "Possibility" by Lykke Li (you know which album these songs are on don't you? Don't look at me like that, you know you love it too :))


  1. I showed my husband your art work the other day because I though you were amazing and he was in awe as well! These are amazing!!!

    I'd say dreams are what inspire me... the thought of fun fantasy worlds and magical worlds!!

  2. I love love love love these. My baby girl and boy brought tears to my eyes. We all loved him so much. He was such a special boy. You captured his spirit and hers too. It made me so happy to see them. YOU ARE AWESOME!!!! I guess to answer your question"Why do I Photograph..." It gives me a sense of peace to create wonderful images for others to enjoy. I do it from the heart and with much love. Love ya sis

  3. These are stunning already even before they are finished! I could only ever dream of being able to paint like this. You have an incredible talent.
    What inspires me? Well, people like you! I really do find other peoples art work inspiring. Also I feel inspired when the sun shines and when I visit a beautiful place!

  4. Ah Crystal...already glowing and gorgeous. Your work is so natural, it looks effortless. I'd love to see you do a painting from start to finish. Water colour intrigues me.

  5. Wow. Then silence, as we take in the beauty!
    These made me think of a story I just wrote, "Mary Chocolate Anne" - she had a chocolate lab and long dark brown hair. :)
    I think people and emotion inspire me most in my writing. People and nature in my art.

  6. Jen, that's very nice what your husband said, thanks for showing him! :) Dreams huh? That's a good idea, I usually can't remember mine and if I do I don't want to! But I think that's pretty cool, and yeah magical new places, awesome!

    Jenny Lee, thank you so much! I really hoped you liked it. This was like my third attempt! Sheesh! I stress out when I paint for other people, even if it is you, my sista :) Love you, you're the best! And I love the peace you talk about, very true.

    Thanks so much Sandra, that's very kind of you to say :) :) I inspire you? Really? that really makes my day :) :) and I find the sun to be very inspiring too.

    Michelle, you are too sweet :) that sounds like a great story, I'd love to read it sometime!
    People, emotions and nature, me too!

  7. Kim, your comment means so much to me, thanks! I really hope that's how it looks to others, most of the time I look at them and see everything I did wrong! Watercolor just fascinates me, but I LOVE what you do with oils, it's amazing!

  8. Beautiful! The way you capture light is amazing. I love the expression of the pretty lady in the bottom one. You have handled the skin and the eyes in a masterly way. Great work. They are both fresh and sparkly. Go on, my friend.

    Girl models? I have a naughty one at home, who'll turn six soon. Does she qualify :) ?

    What inspires me to paint? I'd say the joy of 'creation'. I have always thought that an artist is the happiest not when his/her work is sold for a million dollars but at the moment when (s)he's done with a painting and (s)he steps back to admire it. At that instant you are overcome with emotions which are a mix of joy, satisfaction, a sense of achievement and what have you. That feeling is what inspires me to paint.

    Does that sound too philosophical ?

  9. I was just writing a comment on here and then here comes one from Sujit! Hello!

    Thank you very much my friend. I have come to depend on your opinion :) I was really drawn to her expression too.

    Yes she qualifies! I was looking at your photos and kept thinking I wanted to paint her! She's beautiful!

    And I completely agree with what you said. Of all the things that could inspire me I think it's that one that means the most :)

    Thanks Sujit :)

  10. Isn't it funny that we were both typing comments into each others blogs at the same time?

    I shall tell my daughter that you think she's beautiful :)

    BTW, you did not offend me at all. Like you said, I like to be super critical of myself so that I keep improving my work. All I ask of you is to honestly critique my work. I know you do and you will continue to :). Thanks Crystal.

  11. Two beautiful paintings, nice flesh tones and nice job on the hair. I don't enjoy painting hair, still trying to figure it out.

  12. Ha are funny Crystal :). I'm not a very good would have to catch me off guard to get a good snapshot of me :) But if you would like, you could take a chance. Name the place and the time girl...I guess I'm up for the challenge. Your niece's are beautiful.
    I wish I had some philosophical insight to artistry, but alas, I'm dull, so all I can say is BEAUTIFUL.

  13. I am in a state of bliss when I am painting. So I guess 'the persuit of happiness' is what motivates me to paint. I want to feel the joy.

    And as usual both these paintings are coming up very well.

  14. Thank you Susan! I don't enjoy hair either, it's probably one of the hardest things for me. :)

    Catie, you would be a great model! Remember when I took photos of you before? Well this time I want to try more of a close up. Thanks for agreeing! Mwa ha ha!!

    And you are not dull at all, silly. And thank you :)

    Thanks Prabal! I agree it's that feeling of joy. Good one :)

  15. Uh-Oh, I think I'm in trouble now ;) Yup I remember, adn I didn't do a very good job either...ha ha. I will try and do better.


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