Friday, April 30, 2010

The Friday Five

8 x 10

      This week I missed posting my Wednesday question! I know you're dissapointed right? Of course you are *wink*. So instead I'm doing five things on a Friday, and posting an older work because I have not gotten much painting done this week.  Sometimes life is overwhelming, and that's ok. Because without those experiences my work would be flat, lifeless. So here's to all the play-doh, Wii games, stories, and sippy cups for this week! Huzzah!! I love my little family :) And since I like to get you guys to join in on the fun I'm asking you to participate with me! You don't have to tell me five, you can do as many or as few as you want. Just tell me what's new with you. Here we go.

  1. I now have a website! I'm pretty excited, it's the first one I've ever had. So if you want to go check it out and tell me what you think it's at . It's a work in progress, but still, coolness!

  2. My son had kindergarten round up this week, and I'm trying not to feel sad that this fall he won't be my little shadow during the day. At least for three hours. It's hard once they start school, it's never quite the same as when they were home with you all day. *sigh*

  3. I watched Avatar with my husband for the first time, and I liked it a lot more than I thought I would. Actually I really liked it. I mean action, adventure, a love story between two 10 feet tall blue people who are still strangely beautiful. What's not to like?  :)

  4. I'm working on a new portrait of one of my boys (see below). And I am very excited about the light in this one. There are some lovely pink, violet and yellows I'm hoping to capture. This is the one I'm going to use as a demonstration for that local art organization in a few weeks.

  5. The song "This is War" by 30 Seconds to Mars has been replaced (I know, sad huh?) by my current two faves which are: "Make This Go On Forever" by Snow Patrol, and "Feeling Good" by Muse. If there's no 30 Seconds to Mars on my ipod there has to be Muse. It's just a given people!
     And now I must go friends, apparently I have been spending too much time on this blog post and not enough on fixing snacks. I feel a little hand tugging on my pant leg. Have a happy weekend!



  1. I love your posts and your art, but I've already said that, haven't I!
    What's new with me:
    1) I have a teen who texts too much.
    2) I finished the second draft of my very first query.
    3) I want to go to Disneyland. *one can wish*

  2. Love your new website! Congrats!

  3. Have a great weekend Crystal. Look forward to seeing the website.

  4. Always a pleasure to see your paintings, Crystal...
    As for me, I am painting a new one for now...
    I have only one to tell.
    I have not yet what 's new for now...because something old is good enough like my....:)

  5. Congratulations on the website. I paid a visit and I must say that it looks great and really professional. Did you build it yourself?

    'Grace' is an amazing painting and the subtle variations of colour are fantastic.

    Can't wait to see the finished version of the portrait of your bundle of joy.

  6. grace shines crystal ...congratulations on your new site ..fridge door :D ...look forward to seeing your son's portrait develop hope he loves nursery .

  7. Thanks Michelle! I want to go to Disneyland too!!! I'll dream with ya :)

    Thank you Rachel!

    Thanks Carol! You too :)

    Hi Nureeya! I can't wait to see your new painting! And thank you :)

  8. Hi Sujit!! How's the business trip going? I'm missing your posts, but at least I get to see you in the comments :) Thank you very much. My husband is actually the one who put the site together. I think he did a great job too! I am LAME at computers. Hear me? L A M E!

    Thank you very, very much Jane! And I am hoping he likes it too! :):)

  9. Hi ya Crystal! How are you today? That painting of your baby is going to be GORGEOUS dahling ; ) I hopped over to your website and - nice job! It looks really great. Nice to see all your work together like that.
    Anyway, lovely swan too. Is there anything you can't paint? (wink). Have a good weekend!

  10. OH I"M SO PROUD OF YOU!!! Your own web site, awesomeness!!! Teach me how ;)

    1. I now have my own business cards Yeah!!! Except I need to have a do over. The print is to small. Anyhoo...

    2. I just bought new props for a studio of my own someday!!! We so have to try them out with your boys too. I'll tell ya more tonight.

    3. Tomorrow we are branding calves with the neighbors if the weather holds. YAHHH!!! It is one of our favorite times of the year.

    4. The countdown till school lets out has begun here at the ranch. hehehe. Kids are super excited.

    I so know exactly how you feel about kindergarten. It has been one of the hardest years of my life. It doesn't help that he doesn't want to go everyday and cries on the bus. My heart breaks a little each day. I'm trying to be strong about it. It's almost over and I can't wait to see what full day school brings next year. Guess we'll live. Love ya

  11. I just read back and realized the last baby portrait was your little one too. You have gorgeous children and you do an incredible job painting them. Really precious.

  12. Your swan positively glows with radiance. I also like your header portrait, and the WIP portrait of your little boy. Beautiful work!

  13. I just love your painting. The colours are so beautiful. I hope all of you paintings get framed and hang somewhere worthy!
    Whats new with me? Hmmm....
    1. We have just booked a four day scuba diving trip to Cornwall on June 3rd - Can't wait!
    2. My new diving BCD, regulator and dive computer has just arrived - Birthday prezzy from hubby so I don't have to hire them anymore.
    3. My husband has just booked us a hot air balloon flight for in the summer!
    4. I have a new squirrel mop brush arriving hopefully today! Couldn't resist after reading Debbies post.
    5..... And you will love this.... I have got a place on Jean Haines workshop on June 1st!!! Can't WAIT!!!!
    6. I have just looked back on those five things and realised I have been totally spoilt!!

  14. Love your new painting! What's new with me:
    -Cleaning up my art room...ohhh, that's where it went!
    -Trying to get inspired to start a new painting
    -Will be showing a painting at the Zootown Community Gallery in two wks with the MT Watercolor Society ladies.

  15. Crystal, your work simply glows! I love your touch, composition, everything about it. The swan is stunning and the painting of your little on is a beautiful beginning. Congratulations on your website, it's beautiful.

  16. The website is so You. I like it. And your work continues to amaze me. The swan is beautiful. Great job Crystal.

  17. Hello there Kim :):) Dahling, I thank you for the compliment! I hope you're having a great weekend! And can I just say that I am loving your portraits?! I think the moonlit one is my fave. Just mahvelous! ;)
    Thanks so much friend!

    Thank you Jenny Lee! I just ordered some business cards too, well hubby did (he's my smashing business manager). Yes we must try those great props! They sound awesome, are you ready for the 5K? It'll be fun :):)I am so not looking forward to sending him to school, what will I do? Probably stand there and sob the whole time. I'm so sappy!

    Barbara, thank you so much :) I paint them a lot. They just inspire me I guess :):)

    Thank you very much Claire, that really means a lot!

    Sandra, thank you very much! And yes, you do sound spoiled! But not in a bad way, in a 'I'm so happy for all the fun times ahead of you' way. Let me know how the squirrel brush works out, I got to get me one of those :) I have always wanted to scuba dive, unless of course there are sharks present! *shivers* I know you feel the opposite, you brave woman you!

    Thanks so much Susan! I love to clean stuff out (kinda) just so I can find stuff I've been looking for. Congrats on the showing, you are made of awesome you know that? And looking for inspiration? Send some this way when you find it k? ;)

    Suzanne, you are the best. the BEST! :)thank you very much friend!

    Thanks so much Gary! Your compliment means a lot to me :)

  18. Crystal, so nice to make your acquaintance and thank you for stopping by my blog. Your watercolours are just lovely and you seem to have a lot of the same taste in books and films that I do! I am no longer a young mother (my son is 33) but have step grandchildren. I look forward to seeing more of your work.

  19. Hi Crystal,

    As always your work is amazing. I love the swan. Your website is great. I don't even know how to begin to get one up and working. Your blog is so much fun, I not only reading about you and viewing your gorgeous art, but I also enjoy the interactive aspects. So here goes what's new with me
    1) I'm completely procrastinating and have to quickly paint a painting before tomorrow, ugggh
    2) I have 3 commissioned works looming over my head and a possibility of 2 others, which is great on one hand and agonizing on another. My insecurities come bubbling out and I worry that my clients won't like my work, am I really any good after all, etc, etc.
    3)I too am facing a little boy going to preschool, in our case. Why do they grow up so fast.
    4)I'm taking my first watercolor workshop in June, wish me luck!

    Keep up the awesome work! You Rock!

  20. Crystal,

    A bit busy now.. So I'll skip the question.. But I am amazed by how to get so much transparency.. It looks almost glass..
    Congratulations on the site.. Must have been a lot of work.. Looks good.

  21. Congrats for the website...I still have to do it! Your swan looks so delicate and beautiful! So is your son below...aren't you lucky ,having such a nice models right there in your home!Happy painting!

  22. This comment has been removed by the author.

  23. Hi Crystal,
    That's very sweet. You're skills with watercolour are very good!
    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  24. I absolutely love this swan Crystal, glowing with colour very nice)

  25. Wonderful!!!! What a great list of things you've got going! I can't believe I didn't know you had a website, it looks awesome crystal!

    I love your paintings, once again they are beautiful!

  26. Hi Karen! So glad you stopped by! And thank you for the compliment. It looks like we do have a lot in common :)

    Hi Carrie! Thank you very much :) You my friend are one busy lady! Three commissioned works?! Awesomeness! I would be stressed out too! But you can do it :) Good luck with the workshop, hope it's lots of fun :) And you totally rock too!

    Hey Prabal! No worries about the question it's not mandatory :) Thanks for the compliment friend.

    Hi Arti! Thanks so much :) I am indeed very lucky. Happy painting to you too!

    Hello Erik! Thank you very much, I really enjoyed the chance to see your work :)

    Sam, thank you very, very much :)

    Hi Jen! Thanks so much friend! :)

  27. wow your own website :) congrats!!! The swan is beautifully abstract - love it!

  28. you are AMAZING! Love this one...


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