Saturday, April 3, 2010

A sketch and some thoughts

colored pencil study

      I typically don't do preliminary sketches before I do a finished painting. I find that if I spend too much time on preparations (not planning, that I do lots of) I lose that spark that drew me to the subject in the first place. And you know how much I strive for freshness and emotion in my paintings. I'm also a firm believer that if you don't feel it then nobody else will :)

      This sketch is part of a larger painting I'm working on. My sketchbook has lots of these studies (although I did this on larger drawing paper) of hands, eyes, mouths all those things that help make a convincing portrait. I consider them to be my training. I love realism. But I love impressionistic, loose works too. I think all art has value and I can appreciate it for it's own particular beauty even though it's different from how I paint. I'm not trying to make a painting that looks like a photograph, there are lots of talented photographers out there for that. I'm painting my feelings, my reaction to something.

      And also the reception for "Timeless Remedy" was last night, and I received two awards. :) Made me smile. Here's the painting in case you missed it, and I'm lame at linking on here so I'm just posting it again.

"Timeless Remedy" 

"Art comes from a deep inner sense of direction.  It starts with a re-evaluation of your own life, from a search for the source of the impulses and the mystery of it all.  I think of myself as an emotional realist.  Emotion is what I want to portray.  Realism is just my way of doing it."
Steve Hanks

     All art is beautiful, all art requires talent and work, realism is just my way of doing it.


  1. Nice sketch and "Timeless Remedy" is fabulous. I completely agree with you, it does not require more skill to paint impressionistic than it does realistic. I don't understand why people compare the two styles anyway; they're completely different. It's more a matter of taste.

  2. These are fantastic, what an amazing sketch and I adore the Timeless Remedy piece!

  3. Thanks you guys! You're the best :)

    Happy Easter tomorrow!

  4. Congratulations my friend. Two awards - you've sure done me proud. Like I have said before, 'Timeless Remedy' is a fantastic painting and I was sure you it would go places :)

    Back to the present. Great sketch. I can feel the power in your lines. The subtle touches bring forth the muscle beneath the skin. Masterly work. You should let us admire more of your sketches :). Can't wait to look at what this will lead to, btw.

    Talking of a style of art or a school of thought being superior to another, I have always been careful to ignore any such thing as lack of maturity:) I think painting loose is only as better than painting realistic as your mother is better than your father. To me art is divine - and that's true for all forms and styles and whatever you have.

    Like someone rightly put, art is not the end; it's just the means.
    It doesn't matter how you get there, but what's important is that you enjoy your journey. I enjoy it all the time. Loose works take greater skill than realistic ones? So what? Who wants skill? All I want is joy!

    You know what? This debate or lack of consensus is what's inherent of everything that man does. There's no better way to satisfy one's ego than to portray someone else as inferior. Go ahead, do it. We'll do what we can to prove you wrong, won't we?

    And yes, thanks my dear friend for sending those guests home. Happy Easter.

  5. BTW, I haven't been able to pull myself together to paint as yet thanks to my blocked sinuses. However, have started to 'think' about what to do next. Hope to be able to show it to you soon.

  6. Crystal,
    I'll just come to the point. You have no right to think that your work is inferior to other types of work etc, because that would be so demeaning to your art.

    Your art is great and you should be proud of it.

    Sometimes people look at paintings with a lot of bias in their head. Instead of feeling the painting, they look at techniques, skill, rules etc. Their mind rules over their soul and art can not be enjoyed in such a case.

    I hope you just keep painting the way you paint and keep enjoying it. For me you are immensely skilled.

  7. Thank you Crystal for the kind comment. I really wish I could paint like you. Hearty congratulations for receiving the two awards. The sketch is lovely. I am looking forward to seeing the finished painting.
    Best wishes.

  8. What I enjoy so much about art is how differently people see the same things. Two people will paint/draw/sketch exactly the same subject but in an entirely different way with an entirely different result. I guess that's where 'style' comes in - I am still trying to find mine! I find sketching far more difficult than drawing, but that's to do with my own inability to 'let go' which is something I am battling to overcome. Other people find sketching easy but creating a polished drawing more difficult. We are all so different! Personaly I have never come across such realistic watercolour portraits as yours. They are simply stunning. But I also love your sketch too. You must be very proud to have received an award - Congratulations!

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  10. Sujit, what can I say? :) :) you are so kind my friend :)Thanks you. 'Who wants skill? All I want is joy!' So true, that's what I want too, why do I constantly play this stupid game of thinking I'm not good enough? Must stop, it's Monday that's my goal for the week :) All I want is joy!!
    And, you are very welcome, I hope you get feeling better very soon, it's no fun to be sick. Then get painting so I can see it! ;) Thanks friend.

    Prabal, thank you so much :) You are too kind. I admire your work too, very much.

    Lydia, thank you! I will go check that site out soon! Glad you stopped by :)
    Vinayak, you are very welcome, your work is beautiful! And thanks so much for the compliment :)

    Sandra, yes! I agree with you totally! Thank you so much for your kind words :)

  11. Had the pleasure of coming across your blog today and think your work is fantastic. I have become a follower. I hope you'll come by my blog Limited Space Art Studio and let me know what you think about some of my pieces. I am self-taught and constantly learning from looking at other people's art. You are certainly someone to follow. I cannot, for the life of me, get the hang of oils and fall back to acrylics and now I'm dabbling in water color.
    I wish more people would come by and look at my work and leave me comments but it's just not happening.
    Again, love your art, and I agree with not being able to sketch alot first. My sketches just don't measure up and it takes time away from the painting.

  12. Carol, thank you so much :) Your compliment means a lot to me. Glad you stopped by and that you're following ne :) I visited your blog yesterday and think your work is lovely! It's hard to start a blog, but just keep at it, paint with passion and write from the heart and people will follow :)

  13. beautiful,I can see your family in your Blog,full of motherhood.
    just now i came across your beautiful blog...very nice.
    this "timeless remedy" looks great,i like the feelings in this.
    Each and every words and your writting and all.. are amazing.


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