Monday, April 26, 2010

Things I Had No Words For, part 2

"I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn't say any other way. . . things I had no words for."
Georgia O'Keefe

10 x 14 watercolor

      My friend challenged me again. What would it look like when I'm holding on? This is what I came up with. Why the horse? You may be wondering. Because all my life, to me, horses have meant peace. Growing up they were a huge part of my life, and still every time I feel like I need some peace I yearn to be on the back of a horse.  Their smell, their warm breath in my ear, the feel of their solid, reassuring presence right next to me. That IS peace.


  1. Hi Crystal,
    You did a Beautiful creation again...
    It has a very spiritual look!!!!
    i love it!!!

  2. I was about to ask if this is a self portrait. read he blog and got the answer. Perfectly executed painting. A rare occurence where both technical skill and artistic sensitivity abound!

  3. Beautiful again! You are excellent at portraits, whether it's people or animals:) Very impressive!

  4. Hi Crystal,
    Just gorgeous. I always enjoy seeing your latest posts so much.

  5. Chrystal..just lovely work! very excited to follow. happy painting!

  6. Love the way your hair and the horse's mane look....very beautiful.

  7. Love both of your horse majestic and beautiful. I completely agree with you on the peaceful presence they have. Love their smell and even the way they sound chewing. Wonderful and sensitive animals!

  8. Crystal! Lovely as always. And this does have a bit of a serene yet pensive feel. It's striking how you composed your profile against the deep colouring of the horse. I bow to your mastery... ; )

  9. Very unusual, very beautiful!great contrast.

  10. I love paintings that make you question the meaning behind them. So clever! I used to ride a horse. The funny thing is, I love being on a horse, especially jumping - and yet I am nervous standing next to them! It doesn't make sense I know!

  11. Crystal, beautifully painted and well written! Bravo!

  12. Beautiful painting - it exudes peace! and I love that quote by Georgia O'keefe :)

  13. I love this picture I could just sit and stare at it. I would love to take you riding sometime. The horses need a workout and I think it would be fun. Let me know if you want to go. I totally understand what your saying. There is nothing so peaceful as being on horseback with beautiful surroundings. It is very calming. Love you lots. You nailed it again :)

  14. Wow Crystal, that painting is amazing!

  15. This words wich describing feelings are so beautiful like your painting.

  16. Nureeya, thank you very much!

    Thanks Michelle :)

    Thank you very much indeed Vinayak! That truly means a lot to me :)

    Thanks so much Carrie!

    Thank you very much Carol!

    Thanks Julie, very glad to have you here! Welcome :):)

    Thanks so much Rachel!

    Thank you very much Gwen! You are exactly right, I love to listen to them chew too!

    Kim, thanks so much!!:) I really liked that dark against light too, I hope I pulled it off! And no my friend, I bow to YOU!! :) thanks!

    thank you very much Arti!

    Thanks Liz!

    Thank you Sandra! I don't think that's strange at all, I can see how they could be thought more intimidating when you're right next to them instead of riding them!

    Thank you very much Suzanne!! :):):)

    Thank you Meera! I love that quote too, I think that IS why I paint.

    Thank you so, so much Jenny Lee! :):):) I would LOVE to come riding with you! Name the date and I'll make it! Thanks so much for what you said, really!

    Thanks Catie!:)

    Thank you very, very much Julian!

  17. I know that feeling! Beautiful painting and quote.

  18. Yet again, a magnificent painting. Love the expression on 'your' face.

    Did you miss me :) ?

    Work's been keeping me busy and i have hardly had time to look at blogs or sketch or paint. The apartment that I temporarily moved into in Kenosha, WI is right beside the Michigan lake and the view is breathtaking. Do I sound inspired?

  19. Beautiful painting Crystal, I like the composition and the way you have made her face stand out from the horse

  20. Beautiful! Know exactly what you mean about growing up with horses, had a horse all the way through grade school.

  21. Wow , what a composition , I immediately recognized the beautiful lady .... nice painting

  22. There are so many things I like about this painting. Wonderful detail and use of light and dark. The hair is fab. I like how she's glinting up into the sun at the person on the horse. It tells a an interesting story. In my mind it's a man on the horse and he's helping her swing up. Love it.

  23. I knew you would get it Jennifer :) Thank you!

    Sujit! Hello! Thank you very much. And yes I did. You sound very inspired! Hopefully you'll get a break soon to use all that inspiration, huh? :)

    Thank you so much Sam!

    Thank you Susan! You had horses too? That's so cool. Maybe it's a girl thing, I've heard a lot of girls identify with this.

    Thank you very, very much Rishi!! :)

    Hello Mary! Thanks for stopping by! And you nailed the story girl :) That makes me happy :)

  24. i think i read about that yesterday on nyt


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