Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Sketchbook Tuesday # 5

      Just a few, small studies to get me thinking of new painting ideas.

A quick little sketch of my dog that I had when I was in high school. She was a beautiful, sweet girl, even if she was a little crazy.

      Another quick sketch. This is actually two different photos of the same wolf, but I thought it might be cool to combine both of them into one painting. So they looked like a couple.

      I actually didn't know what I wanted to sketch today, so I went through an old (old, as in four or five years) file of photos I had looking for some spark. That's when I saw the wolf photos. I've wanted to do something with them for a long time, but the reference isn't that great, it's small and kind of hard to see. But I think I can turn it into a good painting. I'm putting this on my list of 'things I must paint. . . SOON.'

      I wouldn't have even thought about it if I hadn't been asking myself "what  if?" Kind of cool huh? Yep, I thought so too.

      What have you come up with when you've asked yourself that question?


  1. Ooh - these are so great! I love looking at this type of drawing - quick and sketchy! For such quick sketches you have captured them so well! Is there anything you can't draw???

  2. These are lovely. Dynamic, loose, gestural...excellent! And in response to Sandra's comment, NO! There is nothing Crystal can't draw! : ))

  3. Aww, thanks you guys. *hugs to both of you* :)

    And Sandra, I suck at teapots. Not like you, you're fantastic with teapots. :)

    And Kim, there's nothing you can't draw either. :)


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