Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sketchbook Tuesday

11 x 14 charcoal on toned paper

     I almost forgot about this drawing. This morning I had to go and take down the paintings from a solo show I've had going on for the last two months (I know, I forgot to tell you guys about it, oops!), and there it was!

     I'm really pretty fond of it, and it was one of those pieces that flowed and came together just how I wanted it to. I love it when that happens:) Why can't that happen every time?

     The thing I found the most striking about this horse was the deep contrast between her muzzle and the rest of her light gray body. And she has a very pretty face too. Also the lighting is gorgeous, which never hurts.


  1. Fantastic, Crystal!!! I'm a sucker for black and white! Congrats on the solo show, that's Awesome!!!!

  2. Love, Love, Love this charcoal! The horse reminds me of a couple of Connemara ponies that I broke in college. Wow, Crystal, I am uber impressed. I could see that hanging on my wall! You could make some prints of it!

  3. Oh! You have created this piece very brilliantly. It’s difficult to find such a lively charcoal work.

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  5. Crystal,
    You had a solo show and we did not even know about it. You should post some pictures from it.

  6. Love the lighting Crystal which you are an expert with, nice pose too)

  7. This is amazing Crystal - It seems that what ever you do, in what ever medium and in what ever amount of time can simply not go wrong! :0)

  8. You know the old saying, "If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it does it make a sound?" Well, Crystal, if an artist has a SOLO SHOW and doesn't tell about it is the work actually SEEN?? Tsk, tsk. I know, I know, it's hard to be a self promotor but so necessary
    (and I should talk, me who once had a solo show and only my family knew about it and I didn't put out any press release, reception or anything - just expected people to find it by osmosis I guess...and was kind of put out when nothing happened:-)

  9. Thanks Amatheya and Lisa! :)

    Thanks Carrie:) I'm a sucker for black and white too.

    Thanks Jenny, you're the best big sister :)

    Thanks so much Rachel! I LOVE Connemara's :)

    Thank you D.D.!

    I forgot to take any Prabal! I'll take some at my next opening :)

    Why thanks Sam! :)

    Thank you Sandra, you are just the sweetest :):) But let me assure you, that there are plenty of times I go wrong!

    I know Karen! I did tell people about it in my 'real' life though :)But you are very right, I need to work on my self promotion. It's hard! I feel so self conscious!


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