Wednesday, August 4, 2010

WIP Wednesday

new watercolor portrait 10 x 14

     I really love starting a new portrait. It's just exciting to see it unfold with each little step. This beautiful girl is my niece. We were outside about a month ago and I just happened to catch her when she turned her head towards me as I called her name. You gotta be fast to catch them unaware, right?

     I just have the basics down on this painting, one layer for the skin tones and a light layer to define the shadows. Then slight definition of her eyes, lips and hair. I did this as a demo for a small group of women in my church today.

      I always feel embarrassed when I talk about what I do. I don't know why, I guess I really should get over that. I think it's probably because every painting I do feels like a revelation of who I really am, and it's a little unsettling to put that out there. Even though I want to at the same time.  Strange right? Yeah, I know :)

      I'm excited about this painting. I like where it's headed so far.

      So. . . what's new with you guys? :)


  1. wow that is beautiful! I love watercolour but it is soo difficult. obviously not for you. :P

  2. This painting is starting off just beautifully! I know what you mean about feeling "embarrassed" to discuss what you do in front of others. I am asked to give talks every so often and used to be a guest lecturer at Cazenovia College once in a while, and taught for several years at the Rochester Institute of Technology...I was always, always, a nervous wreck in front of the group, paying such close attention (well, some of my students were goofing off but that goes with the territory) and feeling on display and always concerned I would say something stupid or obvious, plus, as you say, it is
    "a revelation of who" you are to be discussing your work in front of others. You open yourself up to possible derision, although most people are there because they WANT to be, they WANT to hear what you have to say, and are very ready to be open to your thoughts. And yes, there is the element of being in the limelight, getting to show off one's knowledge and skill, which does have a touch of pride in is natural to want others to see what you can do and acknowledge and praise it...nothing wrong with that! Art is a solitary enough are entitled to get some recognition once in a while to make it all have more meaning.

  3. Your portraits are wonderful! Portraits are very difficult, especially with watercolor. I know by experience, because I wanted to paint my daughter and finally at the sixth attempt I got a decent result. For me there's so much to learn from you. Thank you for posting the stages of your works.

  4. This is a stunning start, again, I'm so looking forward to its completion. I applaud your courage. I wouldn't even attempt to speak to a group let alone do a demonstration. Bravo. I hope I grow up someday, thanks for the inspiration. Happy Painting!

  5. I can't tell you how very very much I love this painting it catches my lovely girls innocence. She is stunning thank you so much for capturing that. Love you

  6. Yep - I know that feeling. I think the part of it I don't like is when people have the perception that being an artist is *special!*. I feel much more comfortable thinking of it as I've reached a level of solid craftsmanship - and that I'm on a quest to keep learning. You know - aligning it with other professions? Because sometimes when people ooh and ahh like it's magic, it feels a little embarrassing and almost like it takes away from the hard work you've logged in over the years. Does anybody know what I mean or feel that sometimes?
    ...And lovely beginning to this piece Crystal! You know how I love seeing process ; ))

  7. Off to a beautiful start, Crystal. I think most all of us artists, (and in my case I use the title loosley, as I've only just recently ever said the words "I am an artist") feel pretty much the same way about talking about or showing how you create your sketch, or painting. It's scary business opening oneself up for criticism. Then there is the "silence" that speaks volumns, or so we imagine. Sometimes it just means someone doesn't know what to say so they don't say anything at all. I'd much rather have silence than negative remarks. I hope this makes sense. All I know is I love what you do, enjoy seeing the results you produce, and pray you never stop. Blessings to you and yours!

  8. Your niece is lucky too as you are making her portrait.

    By the way I dont feel embarassed, but I do feel odd when I am talking to people about my paintings and I see a blank face. And most of the time I do see that blank face. :)

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  10. Crystal this portrait has really started well and will look forward for the completed one ....sharing the process of making is helpful for artist like me who is still learning portraits...

  11. This is going to be another beautiful painting, I can already see!
    Like you, I also get very embarrassed when people ask me about my art. I think it's because I am not sure I am good enough. It is silly I know, but very true.


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