Thursday, October 25, 2012

No Words Required - sold

'No Words Required'
6" x 9" watercolor on paper
reference photo by the amazing Elizabeth Sescilla
A new addition to my 'Smitten' series of love, and this is the first non human one. :) This is 'Son of Lloyd' (the grey stallion on the left) romancing one of his mares. Special thanks to Elizabeth for the use of her reference photo, she take gorgeous photos, of gorgeous horses, and is so generous to share them with me. Thank you!
I wanted to emphasize the dreamy mood of this painting by using a background that simulated sunset colors. At first I was going for less variety, but then my brush and instinct took over and my brilliant idea got left behind in the thrill of the watercolor wash! ;) Love it when that happens.
And thanks so much to fellow artist Maria Reichert for the title! I posted a WIP of this on facebook asking for title suggestions and I loved what she came up with.
In other news this morning when I woke up it was oddly very bright outside. I got out of bed and looked out the window and saw the cause of all that brightness. Snow!!! All over the ground. Can you believe it?
Littlest Cook was very excited about this.

After we dropped his brothers off at school we came home first thing and built a snowman, followed by another snowman after he decided to smash the first one to smithereens, had a serious snowball fight (he won), made snow angels, then came inside for hot cocoa.
I'd say it's been a pretty good day so far. :) How about you guys? Huzzah for snow before Halloween! ;)


  1. Beautiful painting. Glad you're back in the foal :-)

  2. Cool and calm horses and that background is on fire, I love this.

  3. Oh my, S N O W ???? I don't dare say the word. We'll probably have some before Halloween too. Your little guy looks so happy :) Good exercise and fun for you both.
    Love this latest in your series. The "fiery hot passionate background adds to the beauty of the two horses. Wonderful!

  4. Perfect title for this wonderful piece, just love the whole feel of this, perfection. Snow day oh that looks like fun, We've got gotten that kind of coverage yet, but it will come :-)

  5. It really is a perfect title, and you have done a superb job of Son of Lloyd! As for snow ... not so much. ;) Not a big fan.

  6. This is beautifully painted, Crystal!! The background, color and light is perfect!!! As for snow, I'm not ready for that, especially before Halloween!! We are waiting for the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy right now...which is heading toward New York!! Enjoy snow day!!!

  7. This is a gorgeous painting Crystal and I love those background colours.
    It amazes me how much you do every day with snowball fights, snowmen, being a fulltime mum and wife, your amazing art, blogging and posting on Facebook, and I suspect that only scratches the surface. You've either invented 36 hour days or you're the nearest thing yet to perpetual motion. ;)

  8. Hey Chrystal:) I'm happy to report we have no snow yet:) I still enjoy autumn with his beautiful colors. For children it's beautiful, I know. And your boy looks very happy:)
    Your painting is beautiful. Especially the eye of the white horse is beautiful, and the rest too:) Great art again!

  9. The background is perfect, it makes this wonderful painting, how clever you are. It heightens an already brilliant painting of the two horse and sets the mood for the meeting.

  10. First of all young Cook looks so happy with all that snow around. Love him. :)

    Secondly, I am really enjoying this painting. There is almost a fantasy touch to this painting.

  11. Sounds like the perfect snow day! Love the painting Crystal. I took some horse pics recently for possible future paintings and thought of you. If I decide to tackle one, I'm sure I'll stop by here for some inspiration. :)

  12. Wow, 'Littlest Cook' has cooked up a great snowman. Hmmm - risky thing to say but we don't usually get snow in Autum!

  13. Yay! Snow??? I just LOVE it!
    It hasn't arrived here yet but my fingers are crossed - as long as Paul can still get to work!
    I love building snowmen too. I miss having young children :0)
    The painting is beautiful - so unique and those colours are just beautiful too :0)


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