Monday, October 22, 2012


8" x 10" watercolor on watercolor board

Lately I've been feeling just on the verge of an artistic block (don't even get me started on my writer's block which I've been suffering from for the last ten months. Argh. Double argh.). Which always makes me anxious. I don't know what's worse the actual artistic block, or the fear of an approaching block.

So, with the help of my Facebook buddies and the DPW weekly challenge (paint a sky), I decided to do something totally different that I've been wanting to do for a long time. A drippy, wet into wet, watercolor sky painting. And I did this with no drawing which is a first for me. :) I get a little panicky if I don't have an exact plan mapped out ahead of time. Which is great for accuracy, but at times feels a little stifling.

I'm really happy with how this painting turned out, and I feel so excited to paint again. I think I want to paint lots more skies from now on. It was so much fun.

Now my faithful blog family, what do you do when you start to feel blocked? Any advice?

Thanks for stopping by everyvbody, I hope you are all having a rockin' good Monday. :)


listening to: Passion Pit 
watching: BBC's Sherlock (which is AWESOME)
reading: The Carrier of the Mark
snacking on: mini peppermint patties


  1. Gorgeous! Love the organic feel. Hmmm...artist block, sometimes I just wallow in it and not do a darn thing artistically, easy to do when I'm preoccupied with my kids. But sometimes I plow right through it, even if that means just doodling something for 5 minutes--I just need to do something. An art teacher once told me that the feeling of being stuck is actually the moment you'll make a break through and get to the next level. Love that!

  2. Looks like you are doing some art therapy with your painting "tempest". I took a course in art therapy to use with my patients when I was a nurse. I have lots of things I could share with you if you'd like. Perhaps since I seem to have blog block I should do a series on art therapy and everyone can get the benefit of my knowledge. What do you think? We just might unblock each other and everyone in the process :)

  3. Je crois qu'aujourd'hui il est annoncé un ciel similaire à le vôtre chez moi...
    L'automne va jouer son air capricieux...
    Très réussi en ce qui concerne ce bel élan de liberté.
    Gros bisous

  4. You know, I usually have to ask why? After some inner explorations an answer often makes itself known and then I know what I need to do to walk through and out of the block. For me it's always an inner look that gives me the key to getting out :-)
    Love that thunderous sky, I have a feeling it may well be speaking to you about your impending block. wonderful abstracted feel to it too!

  5. This is so cool Crystal. I like to draw when I feel blocked...or sometimes just paint with no agenda and let the shapes appear by themselves.

  6. Like I said on the DPW challenge page, I love the abstract feel and the colors are kicking/stunning.

  7. Good to see you playing with watercolors. It looks very energetic. I shall look forward to your skies. :)

    About the block you are talking about. I dread it. But generally when it happens I take a break from painting. Do something else, like watching a movie, going out and then I start doing a lot of sketching. When I feel completely inspired again I get back.

    Thanks for wishing me recovery. :)

  8. I love your free flowing sky! And it suits the season right now, with the type of skies we've been seeing here in the evening... that's interesting that you treated your 'block' by trying something new and different... I tend to take a step backward and do something familiar that I know I can handle and it brings me comfort. For me, that's plain old graphite, and drawing simple items. It's like getting out your old teddy bear, or listening to music from your past. But whatever helps you to feel your creativity stirring again, that's what you should do. You are SO creative and expressive in all the artwork I've ever seen you do. I look forward to seeing more!

  9. this is so different for you, Crystal. I love it and hope to see more. Love the vibrant colors...When I get into an artistic block, I take out my art books and just read..I enjoy my pastel journals as well..which is very inspiring.

  10. Oh I can tell your are in the fear state by your sky... which I do like a lot, but our work always state our thoughts and feelings.
    If you do are on a blocking period, then don't think about it. A small routine's change and some wodering around on the internet, collecting photos that interests you for painting. Maybe buy one or two new materials, orginize your working place (though I know that in your case is the kitchen table, as you once said on fb), etc. Just, don't over think about it :)
    All the best.

  11. Lovely painting, the sky does look ominous. I love your wet into wet style.
    If I feel am in a block I try to adopt the tried and tested solution of sketching as much as I can, trying to get the values and drawing as correct as possible. If that falls in place I tend to grow in confidence. :)

  12. Very Moody!!! Great drama in this piece. And how daring of you to do it without a drawing!!
    Carrie Waller

  13. First - don't mull over the block. Then, do everything else you really enjoy - for days - until you really feel the urge to create some art.
    That's the best I can come up with now, feeling somewhat blocked myself. :)

  14. Dramatic and beautiful sky.
    When I get blocked I go to all my favourite artist's web sites and blogs and get inspired, this normally works or go to a gallery or museum or just take a break.

  15. I do what you did. I sit down and play in the water. Before I know it I'm involved--but now you know it. Gray skies are going to clear up, put on a happy face as the song goes. You painted the storm out of your system quit nicely.

  16. Love it! It's so good to let go sometimes isn't it? I should do this more often.
    When I get a block, I take a long hot bubble bath with a glass of chilled wine and either take a book or listen to an AHA episode on my iPad! It helps me relax, unwind and allow my mind to wander. Usually I feel all 'arty' again. I'm sure it's about emptying the mind of all distractions and allowing room for new creative thoughts to seep in :0)


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