Monday, October 29, 2012

Sentinel - sold

6" x 6" watercolor on paper
This little guy really got to my heart. I don't know if it's his big dark eyes, or the way he's tentatively peeking around the corner, but I love him. This painting was a little bit of a departure for me too. . . In a way. I thought I'd layer more colors in the background to give it more of the look of aged wood, but I loved the movement and texture in that first wash so much that I left it as is. Sometimes less is more you know?
I feel like I just repeated the exact same lesson that I learned with the horses in the post before this. Ah well. Sometimes it takes a few tries to knock it in my noggin. :)
Reference photo by Pommekiwi (who sadly is no longer on flickr for me to link to), thank you!
Listening to: The Black Keys
Watching: The Vampire Diaries (tis the season)
Reading: Outpost 
Snacking on: baby carrots (blargh)  


  1. Je vais écrire qu'elle est chouette votre dernière peinture !... Oui c'est une jolie chouette au regard très curieux qu'ont ces oiseaux diurne.
    Une belle capture.
    Gros bisous

  2. Is nt he cute! That midnight blue really brings him out...

  3. Love him Crystal, such innocence in his sweet little face. The Background.....perfect.

  4. Just love this, and I thinking keeping that background simple yet full of movement was brilliant, it's the perfect backdrop for this little guy

  5. I think you made the right decision. It is fresh and a little mysterious. Great texture/movement. It's beautiful!

  6. So cute.. He took my heart too. :)

  7. This is so cute. How the howl is peeping. I also love the light, how the owl is almost glowing. Well done.

  8. Barn Owls are my all time favourite bird and this is a most evocative portrayal - thank you so much for sharing it!

  9. His expression really does capture the heart, Crystal.
    [Enjoy those yummy carrots!]

  10. Clever, clever and charming. What a delightful painting Crystal!

    Did I tell you we stood at the entrance to platform 9 3/4 ? At King's Cross Station, London, a few weeks ago?

    I saw a glimpse of the 'Cloisters' in the video ... and the village of Lacock!

    I'm hoping my granddaughter, Giselle, is the next JKR ... her book is mindblowingly good. I hope it gets published, there's a lot of interest in it, just hope they press the 'commit' button soon!

  11. Hello Crystal:) Just what you say! He is peeking around the corner whit his lovely eyes. Your painting is so beautiful. I love the background as it is. So I'm glad you left it by one wash. Great job again Chrystal!

  12. Well he is just gorgeous!
    I have a big sign on my art studio wall saying 'LAY IT AND LEAVE IT!'
    I wish it would sink in! No mistakes here though - It is as fresh as fresh :0)


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