Thursday, October 18, 2012

Under Cover - sold

'Under Cover'
6" x 9" watercolor on paper
I was so struck by this sweet baby's sparkling eyes and full lips. I also love the little spot of sunshine on her forehead and shoulder peeking out of the shade.
I used to think that the eyes were the most difficult part of a portrait, and now they are my favorite part. Discerning the variety of colors and values in skin tones is much harder in my opinion, let alone trying to paint it!
And here are a couple of shots of the crafts me and little Cook have been up to this week.
Black Halloween cats made with his handprints (found this idea on Pinterest) :)
I've decided to do preschool at home with him this year instead of sending him to a preschool. I want to treasure every single minute with him before he starts kindergarten next fall. So we spend a good part of every day trying to find something involving learning and fun. Yesterday we went on a leaf hunt. :) He was so proud of all the different kinds of leaves he found. It's days like that that make me realize, yet again, how lucky I am to be a stay at home mom and experience things like this with my kids every day.  
Some of our Halloween decorations the boys and I have been setting up everywhere. Most have been made by them over the years. :)
The kiddos are out of school the rest of the week for fall break so things may be quiet here on my end for a little while. Hope you all are doing well and enjoying this gorgeous fall weather while it lasts. Huzzah!
Reference photo by Gustavo Jeronimo, thank you!


  1. Amazing portrait, the brightness in his eyes is magical. Fantastic Job! also, i love the picture with your family! :)

  2. I love the reflected landscape in her eyes. Beautiful portrait and lovely family!

  3. You do dark skin tones better and better with each of your recent African Child Portraits series! I love the sparkle eyes but what really gets me is the luminous glowing skin of hers! What colors did you use to mix these darker skin tones? I assume it's a limited palates and I can see ultramarine there... The subtle value and temperature shifts are hatred to get and you did them so well!

  4. An exceptional portrait, you amaze me all the time! Enjoy the time with your boys.

  5. Awesome portrait, Crystal...and I love the hand cats. I've seen hand turkeys before but never cats. Someone is clever. :)

  6. GORGEOUS Portrait, Crystal!! the skin tones are absolutely perfect and the eyes SPARKLE!!!
    (Love the handprints! Wonderful idea!)

  7. I almost melted when I saw this painting! It is one of my favorites EVER! The eyes are so pure and soulful. In know I keep saying it, but you do this like no other Artist!
    I know I commented on Facebook, but my parents always love to read the comments on my blog (they're not on FB), so I assume that other bloggers families may do the same thing. So I thought I'd still leave one here too :0)

  8. Oh, Crystal, it truly warms my heart to hear about you spending all that time with your boys. You are a great mom! :)

  9. Great post, as ever, Crystal. Another stunning portrait.

    Skin tones as a difficult area I can understand just by looking, and trying to pick the variety.

    I don't paint, but I like to get into the thinking process needed and in doing so I begin to understand Halloween Cats, but can never hope to match young Cookboy

  10. what a wonderful mother you are and what a wonderful family you have. it makes me smile to see the joy you have with them. and your paintings of faces are beyond spectacular!!! simply incredible.

    and thank you my friend for your very kind and supportive words on tim. it's been 8 months tomorrow and i still can't believe it but when i smile i know he's near. thanks again for you kindness and caring and your incredible work.

  11. Que luz mas bonita! Me encanta , muy buen trabajo :)


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