Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Dainty Scratches (SOLD) and a Birthday Huzzah!

'Dainty Scratches' SOLD
5 x 7 inches oil on masonite panel
Carrying on with the foals series of paintings. This little girl, Almirah of Gypsy Lane Farm, stole my heart when I saw her photo. She really has this sweet, dainty look about her, even though she also has that shapely, muscular build that is a trademark of her breed. 
In other news my friends, today is my birfday. :) 

Huzzah for me!! My family and friends have made me feel so loved with hugs, kisses, birthday wishes, phone calls, text messages, facebook messages, and the promise of birthday cupcakes (Hallelujah and Huzzah!! ) and handmade cards from my boys. 
It is a good day. How blessed we are to be alive.
And I'm also giving myself a dragon day. I've finished two commissions, heard back from happy clients, so now I plan to just have fun and take the day off. My little boy is sitting in my lap right now as we speak, er, I mean type. 
He likes to push the button on the web cam. :) 
And since it's my birthday,  and also because you all are so awesome. . . 
 I'm going to be giving away a page from my sketchbook to one of you. So if you'd like a chance to win it, just leave a comment telling me what your favorite subject that I paint is. You can comment here on my blog, or on my facebook page, or simply email it to me at crystal@crystalcookart.com. 

And then on Wednesday night I will choose a random commenter to give one of my sketches to. 

This is also my chance to say thank you, so very much, for all your kindness and support throughout the years I've been blogging. Hope you all have a wonderful day. I know I will, I mean I have cupcakes and cheesecake (thanks mom, love you!) coming in my near future!!


  1. Happy Birthday! Wish you a year filled with art, happiness, health and love :) Hope you are having a wonderful day! I don't think there is 'a' favorite subject that you paint - each one is pretty special :) always a pleasure to read your blogs and see those paintings!

  2. Happy Birthday. I love your faces that you paint. They are awesome. Thanks.

  3. Happy Birthday Crystal and I wish you many more. Everything you paint is so beautiful, I could never pick a favorite.

  4. Wishing you a beautiful day and Happy Birthday!

    Love ALL you paint :)

  5. Happy Birthday! Yes, CELEBRATE! That is a sweet picture of you and your son. My favourite subject of yours is portraits : )
    You have yourself a wonderful rest of your day my friend! ((hugs))

  6. oh... it's so hard to pick my favorite subject. I think it will have to be the children. LOVE LOVE. Your horses are also wonderful though. And the flowers.... I love them all.

    Happy Birthday to you. Hope your day is very merry!

  7. Happy B-Day Girl! Glad you are having yourself a great time celebrating 'You!'
    Are you kidding me? Pick a fav subject that you paint! Can't be done, I love them for different reasons.

  8. Happy Happy Birthday, Crystal! I love your watercolors ...however, your oil paintings look like watercolor as well...LOL Wonderful work!!!

  9. Lovely painting and............. ............................................................................. Happy Birthday, Crystal.

  10. I love the little girl at the beginning of your blog. beautiful eyes.

  11. Crystal, I love your work, especially the up-close kids' faces. Happy birthday too! Also your little blog clips are really cool.

  12. happy birthday to you, happy birth...well you know the rest. another outstanding work of art. and i love this post!!! what an incredible shot of you and your son!! congratulation on your sales, your wonderful family and endless talent! best wishes to you my friend!

  13. Crystal, you sweetheart, I wish the Happiest of Birthdays!!! Love the photo of you and your son! And your filly is adorable!

  14. Your baby portraits are brilliant. I love the "Kiss on your nose" one. So sweet.
    Happy Happy Birthday! Sure sounds like you had a great day. You share my middle son's birthday.

    Shawna from Yellowknfie.

  15. Well I hope you had the BEST day!!! You deserve it! And yes - a day off making dragons sounds just perfect! I LOVE your horses and this one is SO cute! I just want to climb in to my computer and scratch that itch :0)

  16. Ooh, I forgot... I love ALL of your work - but surprisingly I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your still-life paintings! My favorite one sold - I know that because I was going to buy it, lol! So I am waiting for another one to come up some time :0)

  17. Happy Birthday again my friend:))))) I love everything you paint!!!!!! Just love how you capture light and glow. Love how you capture emotion in eyes.

  18. Hiiiiiii, here's wishing you a very ery happy birfday! :) I am sure you had a great time. The painting is lovely you always paint horses so well! :)


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