Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Understudy - Italian Greyhound SOLD

5 x 7 inches oil on masonite SOLD

I started painting this beautiful girl because of that dramatic lighting and that beautiful soul shining in her eyes. And then when I finished it I stood back and thought she would have made a great understudy for the girl in Vermeer's painting, Girl with a Pearl Earring. All she needed was a little blue towel wrapped around her cute head. I was tempted to go back in and give her an earring after I noticed that. Oh so tempted. Reference photo, with thanks, by Just Chaos.

In other news. . . 

My super fantastic sister got me the Most Awesome Shirt ever! Suits me don't you think? Pink, check. Cupcake eating reference, check. Nailed it!

Listening to: The National, A Terrible Love
Reading: The Great Gatsby
Watching: The Vampire Diaries
Snacking on: homemade white chocolate and dried cranberry cookies  (the sugar ban is a thing of the past. Moderation people. That's the name of the game now. I eat healthy stuff too. Most of the time. )


  1. The "Understudy" is exquisite! Her eyes are so full of soul.
    And your T-shirt is YOU, and perfect!!! :)

  2. LOVE this Italian greyhound, Crystal!!! Beautifully painted...the eyes are amazing and yes, just like Kathryn said...your shirt is you!!!

  3. A loverly portrait of that greyhound. I love those brown eyes and the warm spots on her fur, make things pop.

  4. Haha! That would be so funny! You should do a spoof painting of the same dog, but with the earring and blue dress!
    But this one is too beautiful to do a thing to it! I love the light reflecting from his coat against the dark background.
    Loving the Tea-shirt! You look like you are about to attack a whole plate of cupcakes! :0)

  5. Lovely portrait - and I agree with Sandra, you'll have to do a spoof now :) x

  6. Beautiful and glowing...and I mean both of you!

  7. Love the greyhound and that look in it's eyes. Wear your tee shirt proudly. You deserve a big Huzzah today.

  8. Crystal this is a wonderful painting :)

  9. Ha ha ha.. Girl with pearl ear ring.. LOL..
    But this is as usual AWESOME..
    And that shirt to is well...LOL..

  10. VERMEER! Def seeing it! Are we going to see you paint a cupcake next :)

  11. very cool, and so girl with the pearl earring! so beautifully done crystal as always. and love the model pose and shirt!

  12. Some dog...some T shirt ... some painting! Wonderful, Crystal!

    You should do the dog again with the earring etc

  13. Oh YES! Please do that spoof. I love it!! Seriously. And your t-shirt? That is the cover of my datebook this year! Pink and everything : )

  14. Love the tee shirt. Love the dog. Those eyes just glow with adoration. Moderation huh? I wish that was enough.

  15. Nice one, Crystal! I'm especially liking that dark background.


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