Saturday, May 25, 2013

Juicies SOLD

 'Juicies'  SOLD
4 x 6 inches 
watercolor on paper

So. I've decided that this painting needs a home to love him. This was one of my favorite still life's that I've painted. I just LOVE the color of the oranges and the shadows. And the light. Of course. It's always about the light. 

I think I need to paint some more backlit fruit since it's nearly summer and all. :)

Happy Memorial Day weekend everyone!


  1. Sweet one (pun intended).....I checked your FB page and is going up nicely. Cleaning the studio space can be so much fun. :)

  2. GORGEOUS!!! I want this! But unfortunately I have to save my pennies for a bridesmaid dress and plane ticket ;)

  3. Hello Crystal:) I love that orange and the transperency of it! The light is fab. Hope your auction is going well!

  4. This is a beautiful painting Crystal. I also loved "The sky in her eyes!" Her eyes look so beautiful and full of life. The horse seems awesome. You are a sculptor too! I have always dreamt of trying my hand at that, perhaps it has to be only 2 D art for me for the time being! :) Do you generally stretch your paper? I use brown tape for that but most often it comes off when the paper is completely dry. I have tried surgcal tape with some success. :)
    Have a great week ahead.

  5. This is zroooooooombastic.. I dont know what that means. But this feels like this. Superb. You are a master..

  6. I've always loved this one. I nearly brought it a while ago, but was holding out to see what other still life you come up with that would go perfectly, colour-wise in my kitchen! That said, It is far too good to go for so little! I will bid on it later today after work if I'm not too late :0)

  7. But the oranges look great on a dark background--it plays up their tranluscency.

  8. it's a strong image crystal ...hope to see more


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