Monday, August 30, 2010

Motivational Monday, some progress, and some randomness

Making some progress with this colored pencil piece, slooooowly. Basic skin tones laid in here, deep rich shadows are next! And his forehead, ear. . . and hair :)

     No, I could not just leave this alone, like some of you suggested in my earlier post (which was a very good suggestion by the way). I had to finish it. I did really like where it was, but I'm really getting irritated with my stack of unfinished projects.

     Seriously, today I sorted through some paintings that were finished, but still stretched to their board, and paintings that were at varying stages of completion. My tower of unfinished work threatened to topple over on me. It was scary. Note to self: finish what you start!!

     So, I am :) even if it takes me forever.

And just for fun, here is a photo of my current work space. Because we're all visual people here and we like photos, especially behind the scenes ones. Oh wait, is that just me? :)

      My two oldest kids are back in school, and my youngest naps when they're gone so I can work at my desk now, instead of the kitchen table! Huzzah! I feel so professional :) And for those of you who have sharp eyes, why yes that is a nearly completed manuscript of my Young Adult novel sitting on that desk. I am so close to being finished with it, so close!

     And last but not least, since it is Motivational Monday I have a fantastic quote to leave you with. I read this in a magazine yesterday and I thought it was perfect! But just now I had to spend 15 minutes looking for it again because I forgot which magazine it was in. Why, oh why didn't I just write it down in my handy dandy idea notebook? Because I can't find it, it's gone missing at the moment.

     No, I'm not blushing. . . well, maybe a little bit. :)

"Use what talent you possess: the woods would be very silent if no birds sang except those that sang best."  - Henry Van Dyke

     It's a good one isn't it?

     So, that's what's happening with me. What about you guys? What's going on with you?


  1. Beautiful! His eyes are amazing. I'm always in awe of your skills, Crystal, and I'm not disappointed today!

    I love seeing writing spaces too. I remember there was a thread in the NaNo forums last year in which people shared their photos. I loved it! I looked at every single one.

  2. Love the quote, Crystal. We were chatting up a similar matter at work last night about how we all complain about each other and our faults but how boring would it be if we all were the same and just worked together like robots doing a job. See how the universe is in synch with us all!
    I have unfinished projects to finish starting tomorrow; my Kokopelli and Dream Catcher trays, a larger piece for my entry in the Art Show next August, and the finishing touches on a small painting I did for someone who let me photograph their yard and flowers earlier this summer. Then I'll start a second piece for the art show. I guess I need vacation again..........

  3. The quote is fantastic, I find it so motivational and so true. It's one of those Aha moments!!! Your drawing/painting, is coming along phenomenally. I haven't pulled out my prisma colors since college. I used to make cards out of all of the pencil shavings, kind of like a mosaic with the shavings. Congrats on your manuscript also, and love seeing your workspace. Jealous that you have a desk, I'm still plugging away at the dining room table. At least we have an eat-in kitchen so I don't have to put it all away everyday. Can't wait to see the finished portrait:)

  4. It's beautiful - finished or not. That is a good quote, and I find it interesting to see other artist's work space. Thanks for sharing yours with us.

  5. it will be exciting to see it completed.

    I see you have a very small work area just like me.

  6. This is coming along beautifully Crystal - soon be finished?

    Unfinished work can be hell, because if you are like me, I am actually scared of some that desperately need finishing. I have one watercolour that needs the sky replacing so I bought some gesso to paint over the sky area before completion. "Why" I hear you ask do I need to replace the sky? You'll laugh at this, it's a clear blue sky and the horizon is very jagged and detailed so I had the brilliant idea of turning the work upside down so I got the fiddly bits done before bringing the wash down. Only trouble was, I started lovely and dark and worked towards light blue. It wasn't until I turned it back up again that I realised the wash was in reverse. Dohhhh!

  7. I love seeing people's work space. It's nice you leave your Young Adult novel right out there to remind yourself to get it done!

  8. So, what's the spray bottle for? Are you using watercolor pencils? Everything is coming along nicely and I love that quote too.

  9. Ah, that's a beautiful quote. We all need to hear that every once in a while, and I did today. :)

  10. You are such an amazing artist. That's all. :)

    I'm hosting another giveaway on the Run-On blog! Check it out.

  11. This is gorgeous! Absolutely gorgeous! And I loved looking at your behind the scenes photograph too - Your space is alot neater than mine, that's for sure!

  12. Oops - That last comment was from me, by the way!

  13. What a beautiful baby! Your work is amazing!


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