Wednesday, August 25, 2010

WIP Wednesday

watercolor work in progress 8 x 10
for purchasing information please email me at

     Getting closer. But still, a long way to go. The body of the horse and the head is pretty much finished, but the mane, bridle and the rider's hand still need to be finished.  Then when I have all of that finished I'll go through it and see what needs to be strengthened. All those little last minute pieces.

     Oh yeah, and the horse's teeth and tongue. Jeez, how could I forget that? ;)

      I'm keeping this post short and sweet today because tomorrow my friends, oh boy, tomorrow I am going to be posting some of my art from high school (brave!!) and ten things I've learned about art since then. I hope I've learned more than ten things since then, but ten sounded like a good number.

      Now I really must go, I keep getting interrupted by a little hand tugging on my pants and asking for "pease?!" more snacks. He's starting to get a little peeved with me I think. Until tomorrow :)


  1. Ummmm...nice! Did I say this painting is NICE? Loving the way you have handled the paint in such an easy, flowing way - almost looks effortless (of course I know better). Plus I am such a sucker for horse stuff...when I was a kid I refused to draw anything but horses for about a two year period.

  2. It will be fun to see some of your artwork from your high school years. The horse is looking good already.

  3. Always love your horses, Crystal. :)

  4. Looking Awesome!!!!! Can't wait to see your high school art work. I wish I still had some of mine. Not even sure I have any college stuff, Oh, well! I know all about little people tugging at you for snacks. Gotta love those little guys:)

  5. Love those rich, warm tones. Looking just great.

  6. Looking very good :) Awesome tones and such fresh handling!!!

  7. Hi Crystal ,
    Like ur neat style very much

  8. Its coming up very well. I am able to see how you have softened those edges. That eye is just too cool. And yes waiting for those paintings from high school.

  9. I love the colour you've go into his coat. You can realy feel the sun reflecting off of it.

    I can't wait to see you work from highschool :)

  10. This is looking so good - I love seeing how your paintings progress through the stages.
    I can't wait to see tomorrows post! I've only been drawing and painting for about two and a half years - The last time I had drawn before that was when I was about thirteen! I definitely won't be showing any of that! lol! :0)

  11. Hi Crystal! This is coming along beautifully!! It's so interesting to see how you build color and depth. I"m so looking forward to the finished product and really enjoy seeing the progress.

    I wanted to thank you for leaving such incredibly kind comments on my blog. We really appreciate your words and your work! And thank you for your patience and support as well. I feel so guilty when I don't respond to comments in a timely fashion.

    Happy painting! Looking for that work from high school, I'm sure it's amazing!


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