Wednesday, August 18, 2010

WIP Wednesday

Step two of my current watercolor work in progress
8 x 10

Step one, basic placement of features and colors

Here's what I'm working on right now. This piece is going to be part of the holiday invitational I'm a part of, but I'm going to make it available for purchase here first, to the viewers of my blog and my Facebook friends. If you're interested in reserving it let me know at by September 1st. Thanks everyone!

      One of the thing's I like about this horse (photo provided by photography by Jenny Martinez) is his mane. I loved the movement there, and I really think this is just a dynamic pose, it's of a horse and rider roping a steer.

      Something interesting about the horse is the position of his ears, he's listening to his rider. His ears aren't flat against his head (which would mean he was ticked off) and they're not pricked at attention (which would mean he could care less about that stupid human on his back). He's listening, he's excited, he wants to hunt down that cow, he's a team with his rider, and I think that is very cool :)


  1. looking forward to the final painting. Looks like you are enjoying this subject.

  2. I love the mane too. Visually it's very exciting - you can feel the wind whipping through it. The eye also looks great. Can't wait to see the next stage oh watercolour master... ; )

  3. Looking terrific already. Can't wait to see the finished painting. Sounds like fun participating in a holiday show.

  4. Enlarged the second stage and noted the bridle and hand sketched in. Very interesting crop to the composition - knowing the rider is there yet not taking anything away from this alert steed.

  5. Looking great so far, looking forward to the finished painting. Fantastic portrait of the one below!

  6. I see what you mean about the expression - He really does look like he is listening to his rider! It's great that you share your WIP's. I love seeing how things start out :0)


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