Friday, June 22, 2012

Arabian Horse Sketchbook Saturday - sold

Arabian Head Study sold
Prismacolor pencil on Bristol
4" x 6"

A drawing of a beautiful Arabian horse that lives behind my house. She's been my muse several times. She is always so friendly, her ears prick up and she gracefully walks over to see me whenever I get close to the fence. I secretly wish she was mine. :) I drew this little sketch today because I knew I had a sketchbook post coming up. That's one benefit of blogging, it forces you to GET TO WORK!

In other news, life is crazy-hectic-busy around here lately with the kids home for the summer. We're having all kinds of fun and athletics and enriching activities. And all that essential non-fun stuff like laundry, and lawn mowing, and laundry, and weed pulling, and laundry. . . Can you tell I hate laundry??

But I love having them home. I really do. Even with all the busy-ness and extra laundry. :)

In other words I'm struggling to find a balance here. In other-other words, this is a plea for help! Help! Any one have any tips for good time management when there is no extra time to be had?? Usually I feel like I have a good handle on time management, but not right now. I could use some tips. Please?


  1. She is a beauty, Crystal! You really have captured the look of an Arab so very well!!! What a striking sketch!
    As for housework ... I HATE DUSTING!!!

  2. Hello Crystal:) Tip: Let the children do their own laundry! :) Tip 2: Put the Arabian horse in your garden then you also have no grass to mow. :)
    By the way: your drawing is amazing, so beautiful!!

  3. Dans votre dessin vous avez magnifiquement bien rendu son côté sauvage et fougueux...
    J'aime beaucoup...
    Dans les tâches ménagères j'adore m'occuper d'étendre le linge dehors lorsqu'il fait beau et que les petits oiseaux chantent...
    gros bisous

  4. 10 out of 10 for Renate's ideas!!

    You could put the children/dishes/laundry into the machine together.

    The sketch is magnificent!

  5. Love this one. That sketch is awesome.

  6. I like Renate's ideas too. Laundry is the worst --as is all housework. This drawing is proof, you're an artist of note who should leave the housework for others less talented. Sweet horse. I would draw him a lot too.

  7. Hey Crystal, she looks like the "girlie girl" of horses. So pretty!

  8. WONDERFUL sketch crystal! it's lush and gorgeous. i manage time the way i mangage everything...poorly, so i'm of no help whatsoever but best of luck. one tip is to put off what you don't like doing until you have to. paint, play and the rest will get done somehow.

    and thank you so much for your kind words on my blog. much appreciate my friend.

    enjoy the weekend and don't do any laundry!

  9. Wonderful sketch, love that mane blowing everywhere and down in his eyes. I always love viewing your wonderful talent.

  10. Hi Crystal. Gorgeous horse drawing. Beautiful light and dark contrasts. House work what's that? That's my time management. lol Take care. Laura x

  11. Amazing work, Crystal. Keep 'em coming.
    I feel for you with the family/home/art management stuff. I struggle with it, too. Delegate age appropriate household duties to the kiddos. Sometimes it is all about routines (and new ones for summer break)-check out:
    PS: when you figure it out, email me! ; )

  12. The horse is absolutely beautiful! How you manage to say so much in just a sketch is beyond me! And I will be posting a horse related post shortly too - Watch out for it because it will make you chuckle!
    Hmm... Time management? I could use some advise on the very same subject because I am also struggling with that too! But, I did notice that one of the old 'Artist Helping Artists' podcasts is called 'Time Management' so if you haven't already heard it, maybe you should! There's also another one called 'Getting 'Organized'. It's next on my list of of ones I want to listen to!

  13. You really captured the delicacy and strength of the breed, love this.
    I spent years trying to get a handle on time management and messy life. finally let it go and realized when there's too many balls in the air, then there's just too many balls, time to shift gears and let a few drop for the time being. Hope you find your own way through so summertime can be all you want it to be :-)

  14. precioso dibujo
    enhorabuena y un saludo.

  15. Another beautiful sketch, love the mane so long and elegant, beautiful face too.
    Time management mmmmmm I find to-do lists helpful and get the boys to help you with simple chores and make it fun too.

  16. I saw a lovely Arabian horse last weekend. Their faces are beautiful and your sketch has caught that so well.

    As for time management. It depends on what you're making time for and how important it is to you. When my children were small and life was crazy, I'd let them take precedence during the day and learn how to do some chores with their 'help'. For the me time in art, I'd get up before they did and once they were in bed, I'd have that time to paint.

    General time management is all about priorities and we knew they shift constantly. You take on the one thing screaming the loudest then work your way down the list.

    As the saying goes, eat the biggest frog first. The rest go down easy after that. :)

  17. Amazing horse drawing, beautiful contrasts and light. Cheers!

  18. Elegant Arabian horse :) All I can say is that just enjoy the kids --they have a way of growing and leaving the nest before you know it ! Waking up early and also doing more color pencil work during summer while waiting at soccer fields, swim lessons, skating rinks etc used to be my way to sneak in some art -surprisingly I think I definitely tended to be more productive when it was full schedule and hectic with kids!

  19. Beautiful piece!

  20. Crystal, beautiful drawing. As for summertime, I used to pretty much give up other than arranging "play dates", or kid exchanges once in a while. You know, I'll watch your children this morning if you watch mine tomorrow...which can be fun for the kids too.


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