Saturday, June 9, 2012

Cougar Sketchbook Saturday

Cougar sketch
dark brown prismacolor pencil in my sketchbook

I really love big cats. When we went to the zoo last month I spent way too much time in front of the tigers taking hundreds of photos of them. They are just so fascinating and beautiful. Although the photo I used for this sketch of a cougar is from an old reference book about North American wild cats.

I've also been getting some questions about why I use colored pencils for sketching so I thought I'd let you all know. :)

1. They don't smear and I like a tidy sketchbook. It is so aggravating to open my sketchbook and find graphite smudges all over the place. And by all over the place I also mean all over me. More than once after I've been drawing I look in the mirror and find I have pencil smudges all over my face.

And occasionaly, and unfortunately, I find this out from someone else. *embarrassing*

2. Colored pencils don't erase so they force you to place your marks confidently and accurately. And if you get it wrong? Tough puppy.

3. I just really like colored pencils. They feel buttery and smooth and they are just fun to use.

In other news my computer is giving me fits again so it's headed in to the doctor today. And I will be out of town during the early part of this week (Happy Anniversary to me and my husband, Huzzah!) so I won't be able to ship any paintings out until Wednesday, and I most likely won't be replying to any emails until then either. 

Unless you want to get an email from my mobile device that looks like this HU8%*ZAH :)

Have a great weekend everyone! See you next week! :)


  1. Hi, Crystal,
    Nice drawing of Cougar that reminds me of my American friend at uni, a cheerleader and a team's mark was cougar. BTW, before watercolour, I used to use colour pencils. Thank you for sharing the info. Have a nice weekend.
    Kind regards, Sadami

  2. Tout comme vous j'adore les félins... ils me fascinent, m'attirent énormément...
    Très joli croquis.
    J'ose espérer que pour fêter votre anniversaire de mariage vous aurez retiré les traces de crayon!!... sourire!
    Je vous souhaite une bonne fin de semaine. Prenez du temps pour vous!
    Gros bisous

  3. I loved your post today, Crystal. And I wish you and your husband a most wonderful anniversary!!! HU55ah###

  4. Wonderful post and GORGEOUS sketch! I absolutely love it! Oh and I'm going to pin some of your artwork on my Pinterest! Yay!

  5. Brilliant sketch. I agree with your logic about the colour pencils too.
    Wish you a very happy anniversary!

  6. H#559 Ann|>{€$ar¥!!! Ha<{ a w%nder€¥|| ti{€ aw€¥!!
    And what a gorgeous sketch!!! Xx

  7. Have a wonderful get away! Would love to see you paint a big cat, they are such amazing animals

  8. As always, I love your post, Crystal...and love your sketch! But more important...Happy Anniversary to you both!!!!

  9. Great post - thanks for the info and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! :)

  10. Have a well deserved breakaway. I also love colored pencils-so many colors to play with.

  11. I love big cats too. I LOVE tigers. But I am a fan of lions too. I just love their laziness. And what a great tip you have given. I also face the same smudging problem, but never thought of changing to colored pencils. Now I shall. And happy anniversary to you in advance. Have a ball. :)

  12. Hi Crystal, I've never thought of using my colored pencils or watercolor pencils for sketching but it makes perfect sence for me because being left handed I smudge a lot.....
    Besides I can carry a few different colors and sketch to suit the color of my mood! Love your cougar. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY you two. Huzzah is right!

  13. Your sketch of the cougar is wonderful. I also love sketching with my colored pencils for all of the same reasons.

  14. Cool cat :) and Happy Anniversary !!!! I too like ink or color pencils for the same reason --commitment and no smudge - since I love to erase and erase.

  15. damn you're good!!! this is amazing crystal, i love your line quality and shadow play. stunning!!!

  16. How did I miss this cool-cat? You must have posted this when I was 'Darn in London, Guvvna!' Great drawing, great technique!

    I'm sure that graphite didn't smudge in the old days (or was it flint I used on the cave walls?)... it certainly does now, I find myself risking it with ink straight away rather than lots of details with pencil.

    I know you were interested in York Minster, Crystal; I have finished and posted it now.

  17. son loves cats! I hope you are enjoying your leisure and by now you must have celebrated your anniversary,too.Congratulations :)


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