Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Bella Luna - sold

'Bella Luna'
6" x 6" watercolor - Sold

I love painting Gypsy horses. They are so incredibly beautiful with such kind eyes. And their feathered feet and luxurious manes and tails make them look like a My Little Pony come to life! This little girl is my friend Sue's (Sue raises Gypsy horses in Texas) new foal from this year. And although she's just a baby you can see that she will one day have that long mane and tail and feathered feet. One day I want to own a Gypsy. . . One day. :)

And thanks so much for all the words of wisdom and advice from my last post asking for tips for time management. I know it's common sense: there's never enough time to do everything you need to do, so time must be found for priorities and the rest left to the side. But. . . I was having one of those days where everything was crashing down on me and the weight of responsibility seemed too heavy for me to carry. I guess I needed a shoulder to cry on, and you guys were it.

Last week on a very busy day, I was in the car with my husband and three kiddos. We were on the way home from two back-to-back Tae Kwon Do lessons, and an archery coaching session for my oldest son. I sat in the car, listening with half an ear to the chatter from the boys behind me, feeling so overwhelmed about everything that I still had to do that day (even though it was already nearly ten o'clock at night) that I almost started to cry right there, in front of my kids. Almost like he knew what I was feeling right at that moment my husband reached over and drew my hand into his, locking our fingers together.

Supermom I was not, and I knew it, and I was afraid that it was painfully obvious to my kids too. One of my greatest fears is letting them down, not being what they need me to be.  

And then my oldest son started being silly, and doing impressions of a cowboy, and Madame Maxime from Harry Potter (we've been listening to the Harry Potter audio books in the car) and  suddenly we were all laughing, and then I'm really crying, but it's because I'm laughing so hard instead of feeling sad, and it was one of those moments where you know you'll remember it forever you know? And I felt better, just like that.

Sometimes all it takes is a little bit of laughter, and love, to make the darkness disappear. :)

Now that, my friends, deserves a Huzzah don't you think?? HUZZAH!!


  1. Sounds like a really great "family" to me! Try not to sweat the small stuff like dishes and laundry. I'd much rather hold my warm little ones than a warm towel from the dryer any day. Huzzah!

  2. Love the Gypsy horse painting and the shared moment in the car. Being a mom can be overwhelming at times. There's always something to do and we never know if how we're raising our children is the best way for them to grow up to be the people we know they can be. I have a feeling you're doing a very good job. Enjoy your week and never get to busy to enjoy those precious moments with your children. Hugs

  3. Huzzah! I think we all feel overwhelmed at times but it sounds like you are a part of something very wonderful - never perfect, but wonderful. Your little horse paintng is beautiful!

  4. Love the painting of the Gypsy horse. Sound like you have a wonderful family.

  5. Crystal, you have such a sweet expression on Luna's face, and she is gorgeous! I know someday you will have a Gypsy Vanner. :) And thank you for sharing your intimate family moment - your husband sounds like a sweetie.

  6. I will share with you a little secret of mine -- whenever I am in one of those days of feeling overwhelmed, unaccomplished, to busy to breathe,... I have always asked myself: "what would crystal do in situations like this?" To me, you are a pillar of strength, wisdom, humor and good spirit, who seems always able to get it together no matter how crazy the situation is (imaging your daily schedule literally makes my head spin...). You never cease to amaze me with your optimism and work ethic, as well as the quality of work you continue to turn out despite your very busy schedule. To amazing crystal!

  7. I'm not one for giving advice,Crystal - it can sound so patronising, especially in a blog-post ... but, because it's you ....With my family there always was (and still is!) a mountain to climb: from a cut knee to a break-up of a relationship. It never ceases as the generations grow - just diversifies! The only way to stay ahead of the game, really is the 'little boxes'. Keep each problem separate, in it's own box. Life is seldom about one huge problem - it's usually about loads of little ones - when it gets too much for us it's because we've left all the boxes open.

    If the car breaks down it's nothing to do with a backlog of laundry or a school report or a painting that went wrong. All together they are a big problem ... individually they are not.

    Sounds silly advice, but bless you, you sound so sad, you don't realise yet what a good mother you are.

    Meanwhile ... back at the gypsies ... another brilliant painting, with trademark eyelashes and loose hair ... fantmogosically great!

  8. The first painting of yours that caught my attention was of a horse(2Welsh Cob), I know you were not totally happy with it, and I can't see it in your DPW gallery, but I love it, and this one has some of the same qualities. Well done.

  9. Hello Crystal:) To me you are a supermom! Showing your feelings in front of your kids, is part of live. Your children appreciate that but don't know how to say, that's why they act like they did.
    A supermom with beautiful paintings:)

  10. Well I've just read johns comment and it is spot on! I couldnt have put it better my self! He is so wise! I couldn't offer a better comment than that - The painting is exquisite and so is the subject. So beautifully painted and so you. I've also been a little overwhelmed recently, so I empathise! A big HUZZAH to you for having such a magical family :0))

  11. This gypsy horse is as beautiful as your post, Crystal. I've been away visiting family in Tucson and missed a few of your paintings...LOVE "Precocious" and the cropped version of "watcher"....Beautifully painted!!!

  12. I wish I could have been a fly on the wall. I've never seena boy do an impression of a giant woman before. ;)

  13. Another beauty, words fail me!
    I'm sure you are the best Mom in the world to your boys, take it easy and don't put so much pressure on yourself, you are doing a fine job!
    And what a perceptive hubby you have , he is precious!


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