Friday, January 18, 2013

Classic Beauty SOLD

'Classic Beauty'  SOLD
6 x 6 inch oil on panel

Another black and white oil study. I thought this woman had such a classic beauty and grace. I've sketched her before so I thought it was about time she made it into a painting. :)

Thank you so very much to all of you for your comments about yesterdays post. I'm a little embarrassed that I spilled everything that had been on my mind, that's what happens when it's three in the afternoon and there's no chocolate in the house. So thank you, for reaching out to me, and offering me your thoughts. It meant a lot to me.  Just knowing you guys are there, means so much. Thanks. :)

Still feeling a little unsure of what direction I should go in concerning my art work. Right now I just finished up a commission, so I'm keeping my eyes and heart open to whatever speaks to me to know what to paint next. It would be great if I got a huge big sign that said "PAINT ME!!" in big neon letters right? Life hardly ever works that way though doesn't it? I guess that's something we need to learn, to decide what to do even when the choices aren't clear.

How's that for a vague blog post huh? Looks like it's three in the afternoon and we're out of chocolate again. . .  Nope, fraid not. It's only 11:34 in the morning, but still somehow we're out of chocolate. Grrrrrrr. . .

I think this calls for a battle cry, and some positive thinking, along with a trip to Target for some chocolates! Onward and Huzzah!!!

This is painting. . . . I actually have no idea. :) Oops.  Somewhere around 16? in the 30 paintings for 30 days challenge.

Reference photo by la farfalla, thank you!


  1. It sounds like you have been doing some reflecting, so it mat be time for a self portrait?!

  2. this is really a classic piece. loved it!

  3. Love this black and white - so striking! Perhaps this is the way to follow to keep your inspiration up? xx

  4. You should be so happy with this classic beauty, Crystal! Amazing portrait.

  5. Love your sense of humour, definitely don't want to be out of chocolate :-)
    Such a beautiful piece, love the sweep of her lashes, the tilt of her head, amazing what you convey with such a simple palette.

  6. Yes - chocolate! That solves everything - especially if it's in the form of ice-cream :0P
    You don't need to worry about which direction your painting is going!
    What's remarkable is that even when you use an entirely different medium or try a new subject, there is no mistaking your style - It is so YOU - I could pick it out amongst a mountain of other Artists work, which ever medium it's in! I think it's rare to be able to change medium and yet still your own style shines out. It's amazing!
    I'm quite sure I am your biggest fan, lol, and you know how much I love ALL your work - but this one is yet another of my favorites. I just LOVE these black and white paintings. Your art doesn't need direction Crystal - It's clear to see that you reached your destination long ago - now it's time to explore the area just as you like! I just wish I was there!! Huzzah!!!!! :0)


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