Thursday, January 17, 2013

Daydreaming SOLD

'Daydreaming' SOLD
5 x 7 inch oil on panel

I paint with oils much faster than I do with watercolors so at this point I'm about three paintings ahead. Soooo today's and yesterday's paintings were wipers. No good. Which is rather frustrating, but a part of the process right? (please say yes!!)

Today's painting is an oil portrait that I am really pleased with that I did a few days ago. Sometimes I find a model that I connect with very much and this girl is one of those (she's also the model from my painting 'Her soul is in her eyes', and 'She Stood in the Storm'). Good models are hard to find, not every person is meant to be a model. And others just are.

I guess you could say that this girl is my muse. I LOVE painting her.

In other news, I'm starting to feel the edge of a burn out coming on. Painting an entire painting (for me, since I don't have more than a few hours a day to paint, AND because I'm a slow painter who really values accuracy and realism in my drawings which is bleeping time consuming) in a day is proving very challenging.

Don't get me wrong, I believe strongly in painting daily, I  just think that right now my inspiration well is just reaching a low point. Maybe I need to slow down? Suggestions? Comments? Thoughts? I want to know what you guys think about this if you don't mind sharing. :)

 Reference photo by Tracie76stock on DeviantART, thank you so much dear Tracie!! :D

Mood: reflective, and a bit melancholy
Listening to: Pinback
Reading: An Artist's Way of Seeing by Mary Whyte
Snacking on: Kozy Shack tapioca pudding (don't knock it till you try it, seriously yummy)
Watching: Pretty Little Liars (Yes, still. I'm addicted and I have 47 episodes on Netflix to burn through while I paint)


  1. I love your paintings....your style, the depth of emotions that you capture. But I have noticed that some of the ones you have done during this project feel hurried and unfinished. I would never have given this criticism had you not asked for honesty. I was amazed at the prolific amount of painting you could get done BEFORE starting this challenge. I am the complete opposite... sometimes only getting 2 paintings done a year! So, I really am not qualified to be judgmental, but just sharing the impressions I had before you even asked the question. You are truly, one of my favorite artists. :0 )

  2. Your paintings are beautiful! I am trying to get into painting right now, but it is hard to find the time most days. So I just do whatever I can when I can.
    And I do understand about feeling a burnout comming on. I think I'm in that place now. I haven't created anything (crafts) in a bit because I am feeling burned out from other things and it is blocking my inspiration. I am only telling you this to let you know that it happens! When it does, sometimes it is best to take a moment for you to regroup.
    As far as feeling that some of your work is rushed, well that is understandable too. Bob Ross (you know, that guy with the afro from the PBS channel) said on one of his shows that no painter is going to be completely satisfied with their work. I think this makes a lot of sense. As an artist, there are always little things that only you can see and would like to improve. So don't be too hard on yourself. However, if you feel that your work is not up to the quality you are used to of producing, then slow down so you can create work you are proud of.

  3. Nurse Carol checking in......if you'd like to email chat send me a message. My office is always open to blog frineds. I would love to chat with you.
    Big hugs,

  4. Yes, the stinkers and wipers are all just a part of your evolution as an artist! Especially since you are braving the medium that is relatively new to you. Just lower your expectations and plow on :)

    I totally understand you about the burnout..I'm dealing with it by trying different things (medium/subject/method/surface). I guess slowing down is an option, but you know that the awesomest breakthroughs usually come right after you want to quit but don't...

  5. I truly am amazed at the lovely paintings you have created on a daily basis. Get a good nights sleep and then see how you feel.

  6. I think if you slow down, you'd be unhappy not painting! Everyone gets into some kind of slump but painting is in your blood so I'll give you a day to recoup..LOL "Daydreaming" is absolutely beautiful, Crystal. Your work with oils is fantastic !

  7. Your painting are really so great, I love the emotions. I sometimes feel the way you do, I think slowing down is good, have rest and after you will be inspired again.

  8. First of all,let me say you are one of my favorite artists! Personally I am all over the board with my paintings in this 30 day challenge. My thinking's a chance for me to try different subjects,techniques, and to have fun and not worry about perfection. There is a reason they call it a challenge, right? I have to agree with Yevgenia, I came up with my all time best during this process! Hang in there...over the half way mark - you can do it! Hugs, Kellie

  9. Your portrait is stunning... it's obvious that she is your muse. You are very talented and your art is as touching.
    Advice:go to a museum, get out some artist books. Go Play and recharge your artist child within.

  10. This 30 paintings in 30 days is not all about quality,it is about painting every day and having fun.And if we need a day,or days , to recharge we can.

    As artists we can choose quality or quantity,of course during this challenge some of us (me included) will feel that our quality or detail in our work is missing.However there are other benefits that I cultivated and developed during this challenge,but I will save all that for a blog post.

    But I must say you have maintained both quality and quantity in your work,and I am really impressed.Take a breather,and then continue,we are on the home stretch now.

  11. First of all, the painting is exquisite! Her expression is hearty warming and I can see why you love to paint her.
    But as for the burn out, my suggestion would be to paint something entirely different, maybe a still-life instead (I would say landscape, but I hate painting them so I can't suggest it to you, lol!)
    Maybe you could try an oil still life - maybe one simple object? Perhaps even a sandwich or a glass of milk! Or, how about a watercolour of something equally as simple, like a child's toy. That way it's doing something completely different, which might inspire you, and however simple, it is still painting. But since you're ahead, maybe you deserve a day off first :0)

    1. This sounds like good advice. :-D Hey, it's worth a shot.

  12. I like this one very much: the close crop to zero in on those plump features, the loose hair lending motion and the rosy skin tones. Luscious, simple, and you made it look easy too.

  13. Painting a whole painting in one day is hardcore, I honestly don't know how you manage to do it. I think it's a good thing if you can stick to it because it's impossible not to grow doing this kind of thing that pushes your limits, isn't it?

    You value accuracy and realism, you think you're loosing inspiration, maybe you're putting extra pressure on yourself because you obviously want each single one of these to be as good an refined as your usual, and it's fine and normal to want that.

    I'd say you just need an anchor Crystal, I know that having just a few hours to paint this might sound nuts but when I'm starting to feel that kind of pressure I like to just go to my happy place artwise, if only for a little bit, maybe 20 or 30 minutes will be enough? in my case is drawing or painting fantasy art or some cute illo for children, just go for whatever floats your boat, something that means comfort and fun to you and that you lovelovelove to paint and can't right now, something completely different from what's burning you, choose one of your favourite mediums, something that sais "fun" to you, and allow yourself to go completely anal at detail during that half an hour, just like you would like to do in these daily portraits but can't because of the time limit. That might give you the chance to disconect from the challenge of this 30 portraits and at the same time feel like you still have the chance to enjoy what you like most about painting. Maybe I'm just talking nonsense and it won't work for you, it does for me so I thought I'd share just in case, don't like to see you worried about painting!

    Also it is a must that you make a secret chocolate statch at home asap besides the official one for the whole family, mandatory, the secret ones must be refilled before getting empty, ALWAYS, do it, now.

    Geez I'm going to also throw in a tight hug just because :)

  14. your work is really beautiful and i have to admit, i watch pretty little liars too and my teenage daughters don't! eat some chocolate and keep painting!

  15. I understand your feelings about burn out. I suspect they come from this challenge. As important as it is to paint daily, it really isn't necessary to finish a painting daily. That's where I think people like myself (and perhaps you) who respect accuracy and move cautiously towards that end aren't suited to these hurry up and finish projects. The rush to finish takes the joy out of painting, which is a bummer. Plus, I don't think portraiture can be rushed. Still lifes, landscapes yes.


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