Saturday, January 5, 2013

No More Tears

'No More Tears' 
8" x 10" acrylic on gessoboard
not for sale

Last summer my three year old son (at the time, now he's a mighty four year old) was very sad. I don't remember why, probably because I was being really mean and wouldn't let him have jelly beans for breakfast or something like that. But he had these big round eyes with tears ready to fall over his little cheeks. My heart just broke when I looked at his little vulnerable face. 

So what did I do? I took a picture of course. I remember being so touched by his little sad expression, like his world had just come to an end, and I wanted to remember his face, always. And then I picked him up and snuggled him all better. 

No more tears after that. :) 

So, I ask you. Am I a big meanie for taking a photo of my sad little boy with tear stained cheeks, and then painting it for all the internet world to see? (Say no please! ;) 

This is painting number 4/30 for the 30 paintings in 30 days challenge.


  1. LOL - I vote no! You have a wonderful painting with a terrific story and priceless memories. Art at its best. I so admire you doing the 30 day challenge with great results.

  2. You saw a great emotion and captured it! I say, get as many pics as you can. They'll thank you for it later! Love shines through in your work, Crystal! Woo Hoo, onward to #5!

  3. Agree with VG and SS....and ..cant believe you did this so quickly. You can tell you know your subject inside and out! Lovely

  4. What a treasure, to be able to take that little face and hold it still in time. What a gift!

  5. PRECIOUS face, Crystal!!. I think I would have done the same for that "perfect" shot!! with all the sweet kisses that follow..he would have been okay with it!!!

  6. Love it, Crystal! Don't you just love being the "bad guy" to those helpless little ones. My four year old pouted all the way home from Walgreens today because he didn't get candy in the store. Very sweet painting!

  7. Beautiful! And no, you are not a big meanie. We have to take a pic/painting to remember them at that age! Love it!

  8. Of course you're not mean :0)
    One day he is going to see a record of moments throughout his life in paint and love you all the more for it!
    This is gorgeous. Heart melting! And I can hardly believe what can be achieved in just one day! :0)

  9. Awww, those eyes... just take the breath away! You have such a talent for capturing the spirit of your subjects. I think posing for the photo, though, should merit at least one jelly bean, maybe right after a bowl of cereal...

  10. I dont think its mean, especially since you were so good to him afterwards. :)
    The painting is gorgeous, as always!

  11. Little ones know the way to melt your heart don't they?

    Lovely painting, Crystal

  12. most assuredly not! no way you could ever be mean, you are a wonderful mother, your family is very lucky. and the painting is adorable, such eyes!

    and your words and kind support are appreciated more than you can ever know. thank you so much crystal.

  13. Ofcourse no! So precious is that little face, he will look back at all this one day and appreciate you even more!

  14. Nooooo, I've done the same thing. I snapped Sam's pouty little expression when I denied him the bowl of sprinkles he had poured himself for breakfast. Now I love that picture, it shows his personality so well. Love this painting and story, but seriously how could you deny that little face:)

  15. Absolutely not, and you did snuggle it better in the end. I took a photo of my grandson Jacob deep into a crying spell and painted it last year, it's even called "Jacob's Tears." Hia pouty little mouth and wet eyes were so touching and I just felt so much love for this little one at the time. What better moment to capture it on film.

  16. NO, you are NOT a meany!!! And you did a wonderful portrait of this moment, Crystal! I can see the tears welling.


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