Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Elegance SOLD

'Elegance' SOLD
5" x 7" oil on masonite panel

When I was planning what to paint for this 30 paintings in 30 days project I originally wanted to do an entire month of oil portrait paintings. But then when the month started I didn't feel like it anymore. I wanted to do watercolors. And now I don't feel like using my watercolors so it's back to oil painting for a few days.

Sometimes I almost feel apologetic when I post an oil painting because I know most of you are here because you are fellow watercolor enthusiasts. But. . . I have to go with how I feel when I'm painting. And if I don't feel like painting with watercolors it shows. And the same goes for oils and colored pencils.

Sometimes I just need to do something different. And I feel like I'm challenging myself more with oils because I'm not as comfortable using them yet. And that's something that I've come to realize is important when it comes to my satisfaction with my paintings. I love to tackle a challenging subject and feel like I did well at it you know? Anyone else feel like this?

In any case I felt like this woman from a vintage photo deserved to remain in classic black and white. I thought about changing it to color, but I wanted to keep that vintage look.

Reference photo by Ky Olsen, thank you!

This is painting 12/30 in the 30 paintings in 30 days.


  1. This black and white painting is fantastic and the title is definitely perfect for this piece.

  2. I love the roughness of this. The bold brush stroke and the bold contrasts are beautiful, well done.

  3. I follow you mostly for your oils ... though your watercolors are gorgeous too. I'm eager to buy one soon ... but it will defintely be an oil then.

  4. Lovely one, Crystal. And don't fret because I am a "Cook-a-holic" and will follow you no matter what you use for paint. :)

  5. Gorgeous. You have managed to capture the vintage look as well as her classy elegance very well!

  6. Lovely Crystal - I am always amazed by your work. I too am looking to purchase one of your paintings. I watch everyday to see if it's the one for me! Missed a few of them already....SOLD :)

  7. This is absolutely wonderful, Crystal. I love it!

  8. Crystal, I think its natural for you to work in any medium you choose. I am just in awe-always,you deliver great paintings every time.

  9. This is stunning! I love the black and white, vintage style - You've captured it so well!
    I really don't think it matters at all what medium you use. People are here because they love your art, however it's created :0)

  10. precioso trabajo Crystal,me encanta , un saludo Dani.

  11. Wonderful,I love your brush strokes,it is almost as if you have sculptured her out of the paint.

  12. This is gorgeous!! Vintage and sculptural! I think oil was the perfect medium for this one!!

  13. I feel the same about changing the medium, but otherwise around - don't feel comfortable with watercolors yet, and in 30 in 30 challenge I had couple days when I just HAD to come back to my dear oils! :)

    Your paintings are so inspiring, Crystal, I am your biggest fan! It really doesn't matter what you use as a tool - your artworks are something to look up to. Thank you for being you!

  14. Um...you *know* I feel like that! : ) Crystal, this is fabulous! I really love the vintage, kind of 20s feel. SO nice. I really like how you handled it. Good choice in keeping it to b&w. A vintage series would be beautiful!!

  15. Don't apologize for the oils! I clicked over here because I admired your Observant oil painting on Leslie's site.


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