Thursday, January 24, 2013

Vulpes - SOLD

'Vulpes' red fox SOLD
5" x 5" inch watercolor on paper

A while ago I had this idea that I'd do a whole series of small portraits of little forest animals. I love the idea of small little 'formal' portraits of these animals. So far I've done an owl, bunny, and now this fox. I want to do a deer, maybe a squirrel. . . and I can't really think of anything else. Do you have any ideas of woodland animals that would be fun to paint? 

If it was legal, and humane, and if they wouldn't bite my fingers off I would totally have a fox for a pet. :) They are so cute! 

Reference photo by Mike Baird, thank you!


  1. What a fabulous Mr. Fox! He is just adorable and the lighting is perfect. How about a opossum? Or a moose? Just a thought. Perfect as usual, Crystal. Love him!

  2. I am so deeply honored and so grateful that I was able to purchase this little darling. Thank you SO much!!

  3. He's wonderful! How about a raccoon, grey squirrels, Mr Skunk as a baby is cute, the cat family, mountain lion, lynx, cougar, black bear :-)

  4. This little Fox is fantastic, Crystal...since I love your paintings in black and white (or brown and cream) I think the skunk would have to be on your list to paint.

  5. Wonderful! Adorable foxy very beautifully painted!

  6. He is GORGEOUS!!! I struggle to get soft, fluffy edges with watercolour. What's your secret??? He really is adorable and I love the idea of a forest animal series. Hmm... I was going to say a squirrel. How about a badger? Do you get those in America? Or a hedgehog :0)

  7. He looks sooooooo touchable......:) Cute!


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