Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Truffle - SOLD and a personal request

'Truffle' SOLD private commission
6" x 9" watercolor on paper

This beautiful girl is owned by the same woman (who has become a good friend I'm happy to say) who commissioned me to paint "Twilight." I wanted Truffle's painting to have the same kind of feel as Twilight's did, as far as color scheme and paint handling. I think it worked out pretty good. But it's hard to go wrong when working with such a beautiful horse you know? I love her. :) 

I have a sick boy home today and this is the last painting I have finished for the 30 day challenge. I don't know if I'll get one done today or not, but I'm not going to stress about it or rush to finish something just to finish it. Even though not following through with a commitment (I said I was going to do 30 paintings in 30 days you know?) is driving me a little crazy.

The other day I went to the gym the morning after our big snow storm. This meant shoveling three feet of snow (I may be exaggerating a little. . . but just a little, especially since my husband shoveled the majority of the snow the day before, but I digress) out of the driveway (at least the path directly behind my car, heh heh) and numb fingers and noses and all that good stuff. By the time I got back from the gym I was s-s-s-so c-c-c-c-cold!!! 
I walked into the kitchen and found this waiting for me on the kitchen counter: 

My sweet oldest son had made me hot chocolate and left it out for me for when I got back along with two cookies and a little note. (And yes I did eat them, I earned them after all that snow shoveling right??) And I wasn't cold at all anymore. :) 

I mention this because this is where my personal request comes in. My sweet boy, who turned eleven in December, has been busy sculpting little dragons with me the last few days and he asked if I'd put his 'best one' (his words, I think they are all amazing) on my blog for all of you to see. Here it is: 

It would mean a lot to him, and me, if you guys could leave a short comment telling him what you think. :))) Thanks so much you guys, you are like a second family to us. My boys and husband know all about you (some of you specifically by name) from how often I talk about you. :) 
And just one more thing (I promise this time), the deadline to submit your photo to my Smitten contest is tomorrow January 23, click here to go to the entry form. I'd love it if one of you guys could win. 
Until tomorrow!


  1. Your painting is beautiful as expected but I love the little dragon!! Artistic skills run in the family. All the best.

  2. Wait, was there any doubt about if you did or did not eat those cookies? of course you did!!

    About the dragon I only have 3 comments:
    1- purple+black is the best color combo ever, a kid after my own heart
    2- his face is priceless and I'd love to see one frontal shot to see those wings better
    3- if there are more they should be posted already!

    I'm happy to see your painting mojo is back Crystal, can't wait to see your next one

  3. First...the dragon is so COOL!!! i hope he's going to do a series. the colors are perfect..i can see him in a claymation stop action film with the other figures he'll be making that are taking shape in his mind as we speak. well done!!

    and truffle is breathtaking, just stunning. don't stress about keep commitments. whenever you paint it's such a gift to us all. hope the little one gets well soon!

    more dragons!!!!!

  4. Gorgeous!! So amazing, Crystal!

    And aaaawwww, I <3 your boys.

  5. Crystal your "Truffle" painting is BEAUTIFUL! Give yourself a couple of free day no guilt passes for the 30 days and just keep moving forward.
    The dragon is super cool! Great colors and look at all of that detail. Already an artist at eleven - wow!

  6. What a breathtaking painting, as all your artwork is. I adore your style and colours - I wish I was able to paint as loosely and fluid and still convey the contents I wanted!
    As for the dragon...eleven you say? Amazing! More bold colours and such exquisite sculpting, I don't think anyone would be ashamed to have this sitting on their window sill. So very well done, Mr C jun - I hope there will be many more!

  7. The horse painting is stunning; don't fret about the daily painting commitments,you will catch up soon :)
    The dragon is just awesome, you have a serious competition at home, your boy is an artist!
    And those cookies, you are a lucky mom!

  8. The dragon looks like its alive! It looks friendly too. Maybe he would make a good pet and handy to have around, if you need to start a fire. :-) Your son did a great job with proportions, colour choices, small details, and character development. He is an artist for sure!

    Your painting is breath-taking. What a gift you have for art!

  9. Miss Truffles is a beauty! And your son is a sweetheart for getting hot chocolate and cookies set out for you!!!
    But the dragon ... WHAT a dragon! He is so fierce and ferocious-looking, at the same time as being so wonderfully handsome! I truly LOVE the colors!!!
    Crystal, it seems your artistic talents have been passed on to the next generation. :)

  10. Your sons dragon is SO well done. It looks like something available for purchase. Pro! He did a super job sculpting the form and all the fine detail engraved in the body takes it to the next level. Plus it's a great colour combination! I'd love to see more. And your horse is excellent. I'm sure it made for a thrilled client. I add my voice to the others saying don't sweat the schedule. Different things take on different priorities in our schedules. I'd say we know you're disciplined : )

  11. LOVE the dragon! The colors are awesome...playful, yet mysterious with the black. And the form is very good. Looks like artistic talent runs in the family. Keep up the good work, young man!

  12. First of all - Wow! The dragon is absolutely AMAZING! I love the colours he chose - there's something quite 'Harry-Potter' about it! He clearly has a creative mind like his Mum! I think he should do lots more of these - a whole collection - and then give each type an magical name :0)
    And how thoughtful to leave you a hot chocolate and some cookies for when you can in from the Gym :0)
    You have much more will-power than I do because had I have shoveled that snow, I would have considered that it was quite enough exercise for one day and gone straight back indoors, lol!
    The painting is stunning and will go SO well with the other one - in fact, all of your horses have the same feel and so I don't think it would matter which two were put together :0)

  13. That dragon has so many intricacies from where I sit. I like the colors! To be able to do such detail on a small scale takes lots of practice, patience and creativity! Very nice!! So nice that one left you something special after your snow removal - to be remembered...ah so nice! Your painting is so bold - how you get those great colors out of your WC palette is beyond me! Love it!

  14. The painting is beautiful, airy and majestic -- full capture of the spirit, as you always do. And the dragon your son did is sooooooooooooooo cute! I love the color scheme -- purple and black goes very well, and all the incredible details of the little spines, horns and eyes! He must have very dexterous hands! Like mother, like son! Most importantly, being able to focus on a task that would take quite a bit of time, focus and finishing it is not something a teenage boy is usually capable of -- but I can see he is not your average teen of the block! Little artist, way to go!

    I really like the posture of the dragon. If you have time when the sick one gets better, could you please take some more photos from different angles of it so that I can see it more clearly? Thanks!

    Take care and kiss the sick one for me -- and don't get sick yourself!

  15. That is the most amazing dragon!!! I love the color scheme it is so dramatic!! You have true skills:)))

    Crystal,never can get enough of your horse paintings. So majestic and dramatic! Another masterpiece!

    Carrie Waller

  16. This is Rye, Crystal's son, thank you about the compliments I hope that i'm as good as mom !

  17. Hi Rye,sorry tried posting a comment yesterday but been having internet problems.
    Great dragon,love the choice of colors,and you did very well creating it ,including the details.I hope you create some more,dragons,what about some horses,or knights?

  18. Your sons sound so sweet and talented. Leaving hot chocolate and cookies. I just died! So thoughtful. Love the dragon. The colors are incredible and anatomy is wonderful and has an authentic feel! Great job!

  19. Had not been able to visit blogs and leave comments - I have missed quite a few great posts! And a very late compliment to Rye on the beautiful black and purple dragon! Love the pose too! You are a talented artist - keep up with your creations! And getting Mom hot chocolate and cookies - makes you a great young man too ;) wish you all the best !

  20. Oh so sweet of him! You sure get happy when the kids do something like that! :)

  21. By the way: That dragon is sure looking great! What an artist he is!


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